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Culture: Option One. 'A Tale Of Two Countries' Chinese culture (Essay Sample)


Please help me to write the whole essay(include introduction and conclusion), thanks! As the essay topic: Read the article 'A Tale Of Two Countries' then choose one option as the essay topic to write.


Description of Task



This assessment task has several steps that need to be undertaken before you can commence the writing up of your response to the stated questions and submit your answer to Turnitin for grading.


Step One:

As you read the article titled  ‘A Tale of Two Countries’ – take notes.


Step Two:

Read the following two choices / options of questions


Step Three:

Now choose which option you wish to further research to write your essay on or around – Option One or Option Two - not both options.


Step Four:

Above are additional key words that can be used to guide your wider research; use them to find more current reference sources i.e.: since 2015 onwards to support your final essay submission.


Step Five:

Your final submission must smoothly tie together your findings and answers to the questions embedded within each option; the essay is not a set of three or more unrelated answers.


Essay Structure Instructions

The following will be strictly enforced, and penalties may prevail for any breaches:

1.5 spacing


12 Font


MS Word


Normal Margins



Student name and number on every page


Harvard Referencing system

No cover page is needed


A clear introduction or executive summary must be sighted in the beginning of the essay


A strong conclusion must be included at the end of the essay.


The use of Endnote is suggested to prepare the final submission, but all references must be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the document.


All references / citations must be dated 2015 or later;


The final paper must have at least eight (8)post 2015 peer-reviewed sources; all must be cited correctly within text and at end of paper.



Additional Resources: Gifting, Bridery and Ethics

The following You Tube videos are to provide some additional views on the ideas and concepts of gifting - the videos do not state whether it is right or wrong, just that it could be acceptable or not within the confines of a business transaction - it is your views that we are seeking in the essay

Why corporate gifting is important for your brand


How Strategic Gifting


China: Etiquette of Gifting


Ethical Principles


Ethical Theories (1)


Ethical Theories (2)


Additional Resources: Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

You will learn more about this person and his views, interpretations, and theories around 'culture' especially as it affects the relationships and perceptions of persons from all parts of the globe later in semester but for now review the Youtube presentation and start to consider your assessment task.

The following Youtube attempts to introduce you to some of principles that you will need to have covered in this assessment task before handing it in for grading


Additional Resources: Trompensaar's Theories and Applications

Review the following You Tube video and see some of the differences between this theorist and Hofstede.



Additional Resources: Religous Beliefs and Principles

I have not placed any You Tube videos into this section as it is up to you to review what is available to better understand the religious and cultural concepts and beliefs embedded within Option Two statements.


The Case-study to be read before attempting the questions(More information see in PDF Case study)



Culture: Option One
Culture: Option One
The Chinese culture is centered on relationship building, whether in the family or business context. One of the widely used practices in China is gift-giving, which plays an important role in building relationships. Chinese businesses give gifts not only to potential and existing clients and business partners but also to government officials as a way of gaining influence and expediting the closure of business deals (Guo et al. 2018, 5). Understanding the Chinese culture and, specifically, the practice of gift-giving is paramount for any businesses that want to establish their operations in China. This paper focuses on the cultural factors that enhance the gift-giving practice among Chinese businesses as well as the ethical considerations involved in this practice.

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