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Conceptualising Cultural Environments (Essay Sample)

Conceptualizing Cultural Environments source..

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(26 July 2011)
Conceptualising Cultural Environments
The world keeps on evolving day and night with the new innovations in the technology industry. One of those technologies is the Mass telecommunications media which has been known to be the most effective way of getting or passing on any kind of message across whether within the country or even globally. Since its invention, this kind of technology has been able to evolve every now and then due to the new innovations in the technology industry thus making it to be an enormous and very important to the society because of the availability of the needed information at an incredible rate.
This term mass telecommunications media as it sounds is seen to be a way of transmitting a given message which has been created by a person or a group of people through the medium to the larger audience. Looking at the mass telecommunications media goals, one cannot fail to notice the impact and the influence it has created to people’s lives through behaviours and all this is as a result of the invention of the modern technology ( HYPERLINK "/profile.cfm/balaner7" Lane, 2007). In this essay, the focus will be on how the mass telecommunications is influencing and triggering lots of impacts in the tourism industry and some of the challenges the new micro media technologies such as personal blogs, YouTube, My Space, twitter, Facebook and many more are to posing to the tourism industry.
The tourism industry as the word itself sounds is seen to be an export industry which has the potential of increasing the demands for goods and services in a given country or community hence promoting its economy. Telecommunication media has been seen to plays an important role in the tourism industry by selling the right image of the socio-political conditions of a given nation. It is because of this that most governments in given nations tend to rely on the media industry in terms of marketing and promoting the tourism sector so as to encourage some of the investments or benefits to the country. Having accomplished all that, then it means that the economy of that nation is likely to improve.
Nevertheless, as the governments tries its best to encourage the media fraternity in selling its tourism image, the tourists also have their own expectations of which they expect the best from the countries they...
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