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Business Continuity Management (Essay Sample)

Business Continuity Management is a luxury in times of recession” Critically discuss the above statement. This essay should draw on a wide range of literature relating to regulatory, legislative and business-orientated drivers for Business Continuity Management (BCM) and consider the challenges faced by BCM managers in the initiation and implementation of BCM. You should arrive at some conclusion as to the value of having BCM during a recession. also discuss the important role of the British Standard for BCM "BS25999" in business. Marking criteria overleaf. Regards, source..
Business Continuity Management
Ensuring sustainable competitive business survival in the marketplace remains a core concern in every organisation. This has been sufficiently influenced by increased appreciation of the ever dynamic social and economic environments and their impact on business performance. Such dynamics include but not limited to economic recession, emerging market competition, and physical business threats such as terrorism and theft (Hiles 2010, p.5). This is the driving force behind the development and increased implementation of business continuity management business approach in the society.
Nevertheless, the business impact of employing business continuity management has not been without contention among business management professional. On the one hand, proponents of the concept have asserted of its importance in enhancing the competitive ability of investments to recovery from the effects of disruption. On the contrary, opponents of business continuity management perceive it as a luxurious business management practice particularly during economic recessions recession periods (Geelen-Baass & Johnstone 2008, p.22).
All in all, given the holistic business protection safeguards brought by business continuity management in reducing information management operational risks, this approach is of crucial importance in ensuring long-term sustainability of business investments in the society. This essay is an argument against claim that “business continuity management is a luxury in times of recession.” The author identifies the driving factors and challenges facing BCM implementation and the role of the British Standard for BCM "BS25999" in business.
Business continuity management is a planning approach aimed at ensuring the continued competitive survival in the business world. The practice is in purpose meant to overseen the smooth survival of organisations through periods of business disruptions (Blyth 2009, p.10). True to the letter, numerous physical, economic, ethical, and legal factors have been blamed for causing business disruption. Such include natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and floods and their destructive impact of the structural functioning of investments.
On the other hand, theft, terrorism, and employees strikes of sabotage remain a real threat to the sustainable survival of investments. It is worth noting that employees remain the most important resource in promoting the mission and vision of an organisation. This has the ultimate implication that their failed commitment to company objectives risks the downfall of the organisation (Bizmanualz 2008, p.56). The growth of technology has brought with it both advantages and disadvantages to the process of business management.
Nevertheless, IT developments in the community have brought with them numerous impacts of information management practices in organisations. This is clearly evident from the ever increasing incidences of computer-based crimes such as hacking, malicious computer programs and cyber-terrorism (Blyth 2009, p.110). In addition, it is a common knowledge that technology is subject to failure. This implies that its integral role in business management practices is subject to both predictable and unpredictable threats.
These are the main business management concerns which business continuity management seeks to address. To achieve this goal, BCM entail various business management components. These include disaster recovery, contingency planning and crisis management. Moreover, business practices such as business recovery and resumption find their importance in business continuity management (Osborne 2007, p.19). The importance of business continuity management is influenced by regulatory, legislative, and business-related driving factors.
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