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Assess the role, functions and future of Fair Work Australia in the Australian industrial (Essay Sample)

Length: Between 2000 and 3000 words 1 Objectives This assessment item links the course objective numbers 1 and 3 as listed in Part A. Question Assess the role, functions and future of Fair Work Australia in the Australian industrial relations system. Key issues The best answers to this particular question will address the following issues and questions: 1. What is Fair Work Australia?; 2. What does Fair Work Australia do?; 3. Why was Fair Work Australia established?; 4. Does Fair Work Australia perform the same roles and have the same functions as the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and the Australian Fair Pay Commission played and performed in the Australian industrial relations system?; 5. What is the future for Fair Work Australia in the Australian industrial relations system? Will it be abolished when there is a change of federal government? The markers of the assignment will pay particular attention in their marking to the extent to which papers are referenced, analyse and critically discuss the evidence, and answer the question. Purely descriptive and poorly referenced papers will not receive high marks. Please note that this assessment is to be written in essay not report format. source..
Assessment of the functions, role and Fair Work Australia’s future within Industrial relations’ system of Australia
The assessment concerning functions, role and Fair Work Australia’s future within Industrial relations’ system of Australia may best be accomplished through seeking of appropriate understanding of Fair Work Australia and associated functions which help in judging its future within the nation. For instance, Fair Work Australia may be perceived as a national tribunal regarding workplace relations (Alexander et al 2008, p.7). It may further be explained as the new government institution of industrial relations developed under the 2009’s Act concerning Fair Work. It promotes attainment of fair conditions within workplace environments by offering appropriate solutions to experienced problems or even challenges through provision of guidelines concerning how the various aspects influencing workplace conditions as well as experienced relationships ought to be handled. FWA is usually a self-governing body which carries out various functions concerning employment termination, dispute resolution, industrial action, enterprise bargaining, safety net concerning employment conditions and minimum wages, and other matters within the workplace (Balnave et al, p.11). These functions are very essential because they ensure that individuals experience desirable conditions while at work and this benefits both the employees and the involved organization. This is because in cases whereby employees are allowed to work under desirable conditions, they end up being motivated to extend substantial efforts towards organizational objectives’ attainment hence this benefits both parties. The organization generally benefits from the increased output whereas employees enjoy improved working conditions and desirable pays.
FWA varies and sets fixation regarding minimum wage, modern awards, dispute resolution and handles claims concerning unfair dismissal and also approves enterprise agreements (Bamber et al 2011, p.27). It is perceived as successor body concerning Australian commission concerning industrial relations, although the functions it is involved in were previously Workplace Authority functions and also those which were previously undertaken by Australian commission which handled aspects concerning fair pay of employees. The main purpose of FWA may be indicated as fighting for the attainment of the rights held by employees by offering guidelines which ought to be followed concerning employee handling while in workplace.
A new regulation system was established by the Act concerning Fair Work for the purpose of developing a suitable national system for accomplishing industrial relations regulation within Australia (Bamber et al 2009, p.635). In accordance with the various sources, it is apparent that FWA props up bargaining activities which occur amid employers and employees in goo...
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