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Analyse a Current Entrepreneur (Essay Sample)


Analyse a CURRENT entrepreneur from one of the following countries: New Zealand, USA, Singapore, and Thailand and his venture.
The chosen entrepreneur must be the person who founded the business(es) (himself/herself or with the team), and currently still running/controlling the business(es) which is/were set up and is/are headquartered in the above countries.
Individual assignment, report format with headings and sub-headings, 1.5 spacing to be used. Critical analyses and reflection on relevant entrepreneurship theories required (such as discovery and creative theories)(linking creativity, innovation and entrepreneurs) ,not just a simple presentation of the entrepreneur’s biography. Suggested structure:
  Cover page
Please indicate your full name, student ID, class day & time, and tutor’s name
  Introduction
  Background of the entrepreneur
Discuss the background of the entrepreneur (i.e. history, development, family and socio-cultural background) to see what developed his/her entrepreneurial passion/propensity and contributed to this person’s entrepreneurial pathway/success (with reflection on/application of the relevant entrepreneurship theories).
  Entrepreneurial traits/characteristics
Discuss the characteristics/traits of the entrepreneur (with reflection on/application of the relevant entrepreneurship theories).
  Opportunity recognition and idea development process
Discuss the processes of opportunity recognition and idea development (with reflection on/application of the relevant entrepreneurship theories).
  Competitive advantages
Discuss the type of business developed and the competitive advantage(s) of the business compared to competitors in the market (to be supported with relevant facts/figures/research where possible, with reflection on/application of relevant
Discuss future suggestions for the entrepreneur including different types of businesses or avenues (e.g. franchising, mergers, expanding/selling their business etc) he/she may take.
References (10-12 references required, among which at least 05 academic references needed; Harvard referencing style. All references used in the report MUST be in English)


Analyse a Current Entrepreneur
Student ID
Class day & time
Tutor’s name
Larry Ellison created Oracle Corporation, which is a database management system, and Oracle is a multinational company that develops business-oriented programs, mostly database systems. When Ellison created the database software business, the first version of the product was named Oracle Version 2. Oracle targeted a relational database for the business clients and the government information management (Finkle & Scoresby, 2012). This was a marketing ploy to show that the product was not a new product and ensured that the database product became more popular (Farzan, 2015). Larry Ellison has helped to meet business solutions in database management, and the company is now one of the most successful cloud solutions providers in the US and the world. Oracle has grown as one of the biggest database management companies and Ellison further expanded towards internet business applications in the 1990s. The entrepreneur had knowledge and experience in database systems, and Ellison started the company with former colleagues, and the three created a database system with Ellison actively managing the businesses from then on. Ellison found a market for the customer relationship management databases and became one of the first database vendors with low and mid range systems.
Background of the entrepreneur
Larry Ellison is the founder and president of Oracle, a database software company. Ellison’s life is linked to Chicago and California and he was adopted by his aunt and uncle at nine months and his adoptive parents were Jewish immigrants living in working class Chicago (Farzan, 2015). Elision was born in a working class family and his adoptive parents were keen on all their children getting a good education. He excelled in maths and science while at the University of Illinois, where he dropped out then joined the University of Chicago and dropped out again from college. Larry became more interested in computer science after learning computer programming while in Chicago and then went to live in California where there were more opportunities for computer specialists and worked as a technician and built databases.
Ellison learned programming on his own and at the age of 20 he decided to move to California, where many of the start-ups were based (Finkle & Scoresby, 2012, p. 112). Ellison landed a job at Ampex because of his programming skills and in 1977 Ellison founded Oracle with two partners he worked with at Ampex and then landed a contract with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) the first customer to use the database management system (Farzan, 2015). Ellison worked with his former work colleagues Miner and Oates and first named the company Software Development Laboratories before renaming as Oracle Corporation (Finkle & Scoresby, 2012).
The entrepreneur is married not shy to voice his opinions and spend money on his hobbies and funding charity on medical research and education (Farzan, 2015). Ellison has an America’s Cup sailing team he owns yachts collects cars and private jets (Farzan, 2015). Despite Elision’s adoptive father doubting him, Ellison cofounded a company and became the CEO and having the largest share of the company compared to the other two co-owners. As an entrepreneur Ellison came up with new ideas and built the business and as the CEO focused on maintaining and growing the company. Ellison communicates to stakeholders and is an inspiring leader who emphasizes winning against all the competitors by being innovative and offering better strategies.
Larry Elision was motivated to make changes by improving database management, and even Oracle was dominated by techno...

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