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Biological & Biomedical Sciences
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Cell Line Characterization. Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


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Note: the project must be written using pubmed or other research journals and books


Explain why complete characterization of the cell line is an important  process validation study, going all the way back to the origin of the cell line, phenotyping, antibiotic resistance, identity and stability monitoring, testing for adventurous agents, retrovirues , retroviral activity markers, and tumorgenecity. 


Cell Line Characterization
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The field of biological and biomedical sciences is quite diverse and encompasses various aspects including cell line characterization. It is a critical concept that involves the control of and manufacturing of biological products. Cell line characterization is primarily inclined towards confirming not only the identity and purity but also the suitability of cell substrates required for manufacturing use. Similarly, research and development initiatives concerning cell lines warrant for the need to have precise knowledge about the purity and species or origin. In this regard, it is of utmost necessity to conduct periodic and regular monitoring of cultured cell lines to mitigate possible contamination. The monitoring initiative also helps in the determination of cell line authentication and identity. Cell line authentication is essential because it prevents the inadvertent contamination of cell lines in the course of regular cell culturing. During the drug development process, it is extremely important to authenticate both the identity and characteristics of a cell line to monitor the effects of new therapeutics and to ensure the maintenance of the parent cell. Scientists and biomedical experts note that failure to monitor cultured cell lines often results in the contamination of inter and intraspecies cell lines. Consequently, these contaminations result in mistaken and false conclusions. Experts further share that there are various strategies used in testing cell lines in efforts to characterize them. These strategies are based on different factors including origin of the cell lines and cultivation history. Additionally, cell line characterization must take into account several regulatory requirements such as product type, the type of product being manufactured using the cell lines and geographical region where the commercial licensure will be obtained. The essay seeks to explain in-depth the association of characterization of cell lines in process validation studies with focus on origin of cell lines, phenotyping, antibiotic resistance, identity and stability monitoring, testing for adventurous agents, retroviruses, retroviral activity markers and tumorgenecity.

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