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Impact of telephone on boundaries of homes in north american society (Essay Sample)

Final Essay (60%; 8 pages) Choose one of the following “Questions for Critical Thought” to answer in your essay. ( I also circled each question at very end of the chapter) Use the textbook, one “Suggested Reading” from the appropriate chapter and one academic book or article not suggested or referenced in the textbook to formulate your argument and write your essay. Proper citation and bibliographic practices are expected Questions for Critical Thought options 1) Using Flickr as an example, discuss how the concept of immaterial labour helps explain Web 2.0 applications.(chapter 6) 2) Provide an in-depth critique of the digital divide concept. In your considerations, address the concept's strengths and weaknesses.(chapter 7) 3) How did the introduction of the telephone change the boundaries of the home in NorthAmerican society?(chapter 9) 4) Gary Marx puts forward three views as to how technology is changing society, namely functional, revolutionary and cultural. Provide support for one of these views using Facebook as an example.(chapter 10) Please make sure you go through the Grading Rubric while writing because it is very important for my professor. Grading rubric for Essay Assignments: 1) Does the introduction effectively present the issue and the thesis, while evoking reader interest? (10 points) 2) Are the ideas sufficiently complex? Are there good reasons in support of the thesis? Is the argument logical? If opposing views are presented, are they adequately and fairly summarized? Are the responses to the opposing views effective?(30 points) 3) Is there appropriate and sufficient evidence? Is the argument well-developed, with appropriate details?(20 points) 4) Is the essay well organized into a unified whole? Are there good transactions? Do paragraphs have topic sentences? (20 points) 5) Is the language style effective? Is language well chosen for the intended audience? Is the tone appropriate? (10 points) 6) Are sentences well organized? Is the paper carefully edited?(10 points) I am taking science, technology, society course so in the essay you need to link them all together. Please make sure to have in text citation and bibliographic and references. We have to use Chicago Manual of style. (http://www(dot)chicagomanualofstyle(dot)org/tools_citationguide.html) Please use the link above for the citation everything else is not accepted by my prof. Please read the whole 4 chapters of the text book because you need to use them in the essay even if you choose a question that is only for one chapter you still need to read the rest of the chapters and use them for the essay as it is required for my professor. ( do not forget to cite them using Chicago style the link above). You are also required to use suggested readings of the book which you can find them at very end of each chapter that I will submit. (do not forget to cite them).You are also required to use one academic book or article not suggested or referenced in the textbook to formulate your argument and write your essay. This is an argument based essay so you need to have great arguments and great supports for that. This is the most important thing for my professor. It worth 60% of my whole course mark so it not a homework to get a B at all. I really need A in this essay and I really have a hard marker professor, I do really appreciate for all of your help and support but please do your best I really need A once again. Please email me if you are confused about any part of the essay before starting to write the essay. Please it has to be 100% plagiarism free. The thesis is very important for her, it has to be very specific and you have to have at least 4 supporting arguments for the specific thesis each of the arguments in separate paragraphs. (Arguments should be from textbook, suggested reading and extra articles). It has to be at least 8 pages (excluding front page and references). I will attach a sample essay that was for our midterm but she said this was one of the best essays so maybe you can have a feeling how she likes the essay to be. Please read carefully all the thing that is required and please please please do your best to write a great essay. I do really appreciate for all of your help. ( it has to be double space) The name of the text book is : Technology an science Social Networks, Power, and Inequality by Anabel Quan-Haase first edition published in 2013 source..

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Communication is a vital part of life to ensure that there is peaceful co-existence for the mutual benefit of different parties. The essence led to introduction of telephones to enhance communicability of different parties. Telephone was invented which boosted communication between different parties hence communication became far much better. The development increased efficiency of communication with some of the parties adopting the mode as soon as possible to transmit their information as far they could. Telephone offered the fastest mode with the advantage of the fact that there is, immediate response hence the communication wasted time. The invention was developed right from the first trials that were previously done by the likes of Alexander Graham Bell who invented the first Telephone. The invention was followed by a series of modifications that were all meant to make the mode more and more efficient for communication. Telephone by then had vast advantages and prevailed over all other means of communication that were previously used. The invention of the phone created effect on the different areas.[Anabel Quan-Haase. Technology and science Social Networks, Power, and Inequality. NY: Oxford University Press, 2013: 168-186] [Barbour, M. (2010). State of the nation: K-12 online learning in Canada. Retrieved from /research/docs/iNACOL_CanadaStudy10-finalweb.pdf] [Chapuis, R.J., Joel Jr., A.E., Joel, A.E. (2003) 100 Years of Telephone Switching, NY: IOS Press, 2(5) p. 334]
The distance of separation between communicating parties has been minimized leading to good interpersonal relations. Earlier parties who were seen as distant were brought together due to the means of communication. The adoption of the telephone technology was not actually radical but it happened gradually taking an event after the other. The adoption was gradual with the society adapting to the changes that were taking place around them every day. Telephone thereby played a substantial role in enhancing efficient communication of parties in the different areas that are accessible by the phone or where the lines of communication were effectively connected well. The essay will thereby assist in determining how the presence of the phone did change the boundaries of home in the North American society. The above will be discussed based on the gradual development that led to the introduction of the phone communication.[Anabel Quan-Haase. Technology and science Social Networks, Power, and Inequality. NY: Oxford University Press, 2013: 168-186] [Chapuis, R.J., Joel Jr., A.E., Joel, A.E. (2003) 100 Years of Telephone Switching, NY: IOS Press, 2(5) p. 334] [Chapuis, R.J., Joel Jr., A.E., Joel, A.E. (2003) 100 Years of Telephone Switching, NY: IOS Press, 2(5) p. 334]
Telephones have influenced home to a great extent. Home was one of t...
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