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Progressivism Era (Essay Sample)


This Paper Assignment allows you to demonstrate your research skills to your instructor and to receive feedback. PAY ATTENTION TO INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE GRADING RUBRIC AND IMPORTANTLY YOUR SPELLING, GRAMMAR AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE. You are allowed to choose your own topic, as long as it pertains to the subject of this course (MUST PERTAIN TO American History since 1877). This is your opportunity to look a little deeper at a subject that interests you.


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Progressivism Era
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Progressivism is a term often used referring to different responses to the social and economic problems which emerged as impacts of rapid industrialization and urbanization development in United States during the 19th century. During early period, progressives were individuals who believed that challenges society encountered (class warfare, greed, poor health, poverty, racism, and violence) could be effectively addressed by offering a safer environment, honest government, better education, and effective workplace. Progressives were college educated individuals and lived majorly in cities; they believed that government was an instrument for positive change. This paper aims to examine what problems that influenced progressivism at national or state level. The paper also examines the contributions of individuals such as Jane Addams, Margret Sanger, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Theodore Roosevelt and others to the progressive movement. Moreover, the paper examines the relationship between the urban life and the progressive movement, and the successes of progressivism. Progressivism started as a social movement to address social needs, and finally developed into a reformed movement, and eventually evolved into a greater political action.
Reputable social reformers during progressive era included Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Jane Addams, Alice Paul, Margaret Sanger and others. Furthermore, political reformers included Theodore Roosevelt, William E.B. Dubois, Eugene V. Debs and Booker T. Washington. All these reformers were great and vocal individuals who pushed for progressivism; these leaders focused on exposing corporate greed and other evils, defended immigrants and combated their fears, and encouraged Americans to embrace democracy.
Progressivism had a strong voice in the national government in 1901 when Theodore Roosevelt became the president. Roosevelt was convinced that there was need to have strong corporations for the country. He also was convinced that corporate behaviors must be monitored to make certain that corporate greed was controlled. It was during progressivism era when unsanitary conditions were exposed in the meatpacking industry; thus progressives advocated extensive public support to ensure federal inspection conducted in all meatpacking plants. Furthermore, the department of agriculture exposed harmful chemical additive substances in canned foods. A renowned journalist (Samuel Hopkins) exposed fraudulent and misleading claims in non-prescription drugs. In order to address these issues, the federal government passed The Meat Inspection Act (1906) to enact government enforcement of health and sanitary standards in meatpacking plants, and The Pure Food and Drug Act (1906) to forbid false and harmful advertising additives in food.
Progressivism began in the late 1880s when thousands of Americans started migrating to urban cities. America also experienced widespread immigration and many African Americans were migrating to northern cities. Immigrants flooded rural communities and cities. Rapid industrialization and technological advancement changed the manner in which people worked and lived in America. In order to support families, men and women and even children had to work for several hours in unsafe factories. Factory work was unsafe, and to hold factory owners accountable for injuries and death was impossible. Many immigrants were exploited and they had limitations on speaking or reading English. Many workers were suffering injuries or even die as a result o...
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