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Week 4B Discussion: Rural to Urban Transect and the Smart Code (Essay Sample)


Answer the Following Question Subjectively 
Should the Rural to Urban Transect and the Smart Code be regarded as traditional or innovative? Why? What do you see as positive or negative implications for zoning and sustainable development?


Rural to Urban Transect and the Smart Code
Professor’s Name
The rural-to-urban Transect and Smart code are innovative concepts. This is because traditional concepts of urbanism are reflected in fragmented, unsatisfying fragmented suburban and a disintegrated urban area which is not the case in rural-to-urban and Smart Code. The urban-to-rural Transect provides an ecological system that draws human settlement along a spectrum that ranges from rural to more populated urban areas. The urban-to-rural is innovative in the sense that it designs and develops "immersive environments”. Meaning that urban area are designed in such a manner that the whole is big than the sum of the urban sections CITATION Dou12 \l 1033 (Douglas 2012). By classifying elements of urbanism from rural to urban, each item is placed correctly within its continuum. On the other hand, Smart cod...
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