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Week 4 Discussion Paper Sustainable: Garbage Collection (Essay Sample)


Answer this subjectively How do you collaborate? Please think about something you do, and how it connects to the work of others. Think of your desire to improve the environment of a region, city, neighborhood or individual building, or your desire to achieve something worthwhile through collaboration with others. Describe the processes used in your chosen activity, and how you use those processes to relate to others: how you interact and set goals, how and when you communicate, how you divide responsibility and evaluate choices. Where are the boundaries between your responsibility and other people's? What communication and interaction take place across those boundaries? If you're a design professional, where are you most focused in the processes of envisioning, designing, engineering, fabricating or constructing? What about other participants? To improve the environmental performance of the projects you work on, do you think it would help to change any aspect of your existing processes? If so, what changes would you like to make? If not, explain why you think your existing processes are sufficient. Please be as specific as you can - in other words, don't just describe nice outcomes, such as, "I think we should all communicate better". Describe actual policies and procedures that would improve your processes - or explain why your policies and procedures are fine the way they are. If you're not a design professional, please describe other forms of collaboration - at your work, through a group you belong to, within some activity you engage in. The idea is to think about group processes and group learning.


Garbage collection
Professor’s Name
Waste disposal has been a huge challenge in many cities. The complex nature of garbage disposal is the reason why we created a group to assist in collecting wastes and cleaning up our city. Our group’s goals include ensuring that our environment is clean and friendly to the human population and creating awareness on the significance of a healthy environment.
Cleaning city provides us with an excellent opportunity to create a viable and clean environment for city businesses and health living of the general public (Roth 2006). Since the city requires both the efforts of our group and the efforts of other city stakeholders such as business people and the general public, we have developed cross-border communication with them. We hold public forums with most stakeholders in places where there is a lot of garbage disposal. We also create awareness on the significance of proper wastage disposal in public areas through print media. To ensure that we create a ...
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