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Week 2 discussion: Vernacular designing and sustainability approach (Essay Sample)


answer these following discussion questions in essay format( use pdf lecture, reading attached, and other sources 1. Which of the vernacular design elements and materials presented in the lecture stood out to you as the most relevant examples of climate adaptation? Why? (lecture is attached) 2. What lessons in sustainability can we learn from organic and traditional urban patterns? What lessons can we learn from informal settlements?


Vernacular designing and sustainability approach
Institution of Affiliation
Vernacular design elements and materials as per climatic adaptation
Green buildings are one of the best examples of the vernacular designs which made a great consideration in the adaptation of the climate. Considering the example of beehive houses near Aleppo in Syria, these houses are well constructed in the typical perspective of the climate of the region. The design depends on local materials and the adaptation of the climate. The dwellings are constructed of mud bricks with plastered walls of the small earth mound layer. Their hallowed and plastered nature allows them to insulate heat. During the day, hot air rises and it can escape from the conical top of the houses. Over the night, the houses can retain heat to warm the occupants of the dwellings. Having in mind that the Syrian region is made of high temperatures during the day and very low temperatures during the night then this type of design for houses makes it easy for the societies in such regions to live comfortably. Moreover, the dwellings heights are capable of providing shades over the day. The climatic conditions within the largest part of Syrian region don't allow the growth of the vegetation to provide shades. Therefore, these type of design of the dwellings can offer shades for the individuals living in the regions. Additionally, the Beehive houses are resistant to the strong winds experienced in Syria. The dwelling are heavy making them strong enough to pr...
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