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Week 5 Assignment: Urbanism, Urban Planning Comparison (Essay Sample)


Write a 2-3 page essay summarizing and comparing new urbanism and landscape urbanism. What are their basic principles? Which of their principles are in agreement? Which are the opposite? Why in your opinion have these two views/theories been in conflict with each other? Do you think that there are opportunities for common ground in the pursuit of sustainability?


Urbanism Comparison
Urban planning has been an ever-changing concept throughout the ages, with there being a definite improvement based on ancient designs. Architectural designs of these cities have mainly followed the concepts of landscape and new urbanism. Landscape urbanism addresses how the general outlook and organization of an urban center can be viewed as an interpretation of its landscape instead of the structures on it, while new urbanism focuses on the construction of environmental friendly neighborhoods through restoring of the suburbs into urban areas. Additionally, new urbanism provides for the preservation of the legacy, such as the earlier structures. These two concepts have similarities and differences in their principles, which contribute towards sustainability.
New urbanism advocates for the utilization of the open door spaces for the benefits of social interactions. The fundamental idea behind new urbanism is the development of concentrated urban centers in such a way that there is the creation of more serenity on the outside, to preserve the environmentally sensitive areas. The principles behind this concept are the renewal of urban regions, restructuring of the suburbs, preservation of legacy and the conservation of the environment (Waldheim, 2006).On the other hand, landscape urbanism has its main principle as the creation of a balance between human and non-human, living and non-living entities that constitute the urban environment.
One underlying similarity between these two concepts is their emphasis on environmental conservation. Both the preservation and protection of the environment, as well as the respective attitudes required...
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