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Typical Home Construction in the United States Reflective Essay (Essay Sample)


First write a reflective summary (MINIMUM ONE PAGE, DOUBLE-SPACED) of the feedback you received from your mid-term pin up. 
Feedback received: need to identify issues with typical home construction throughout the us in the 5 regions 
look at different materials that are used in typical construction methods and are similar across all regions
find case studies in Los angeles
find case studies throughout the world for single family construction
Then write a detailed outline of next steps based on that feedback. What research must you continue? How will you develop your thesis?


Typical Home Construction in the United States – Reflective Essay
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October 22, 2016
Typical Home Construction in the United States
Despite the complex differences of home construction methods in the United States, there are a lot of similarities in terms of the methods and the materials used in constructing one. As an example, the five regions in the USA – West, Midwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast – have a shared history of using “Conventional construction” methods and materials, especially for single detached houses. Conventional construction refers to the use of wood as the main material for construction. However, despite the similarities of material used, differences in the methods and its usage still exist. For one, some regions use the wood to construct light frames, while others use large timbers to “frame” the house. A method also called as “post-and-beam” framing. Even in today’s construction methods, most houses still fol...
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