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Printed Imagery: Details And Analysis Of Assigned Article One (Essay Sample)


Essay responses should provide your summation and response to assigned readings and videos for the assigned week. Provide a page number citation from readings for key points in your short essays (author last name, page #). Please allow two weeks to post grades. Rubrics are listed at the end of the syllabus. See sample student essays listed at the end of the syllabus. Late work is not accepted, please work ahead of deadlines. IF A LINK FOR AN ARTICLE DOES NOT WORK PLEASE EMAIL THE PROFESSOR IMMEDIATELY. YOU CAN ALSO FIND THE ARTICLES ONLINE IN THE AURARIA LIBRARY DATABASE.
Essay organization use the following paragraphs:
1. Introduction. What key points or themes were raised in the assigned readings? (One paragraph in length.)
2. Details and analysis of assigned article one with page citations in one or two paragraphs.
3. Details and analysis of article two with page citations in one or two paragraphs.
4. Conclusion. Summarize key points and provide details of assigned video clip, how does it connect to readings. Here is what I learned from reading these articles. Why is this information important? ETC., i.e. How are Indigenous communities addressing problems, what can we all learn from their efforts, and what types of support can non-Indigenous advocates contribute, etc., etc. (One paragraph in length).


Printed Imagery
Student’s Name
In the article by Coward (2012) the researcher focuses on the depiction of Native Americans in cartoons where they were shown as more animal like than human the images were compared and contrasted before and after the Battle of the Little Bighorn on August 15 1876. Political cartoons and stories on Native Americans attend to be caricatures and reflect social attitudes. The Sioux and Cheyenne who won at the Battle of the Little Bighorn were then on depicted as cunning and untamable and they needed to be defeated. Barbour pointed out that the depiction of Native Americans in art and literature is stereotypical. However, there have been changes from focus on heroism, masculinity and bravery as depicted in the representation of Captain America mythos to growing weaker as they were conquered and lost their civilization. Twentieth century art and literature also appropriated the nineteenth-century images of Native Americans in the comic books.
Details and analysis of assigned article one
According to Coward (2012, p. 200) “On August 15, 1876, The Daily Graphic published an extraordinarily vile cartoon on its cover, arguably one of the most bitter and racist images ever published in a U.S. newspaper”. The article looks into how American Indians were depicted in nineteenth century editorials and newspapers as armed warriors who posed a big threat to the U.S. the image also shows the Indians as the representation of animalistic savage and the patriotic American soldier watches the man-beast. The Daily Graphic image suggests that Native Americans were violent savages and the best way to deal with this was to use greater violence. The Graphic was notorious i

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