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Comparison and Contrast the Politics between China and North Korea (Essay Sample)

Compare and contrast the politics between china and north korea. Comparative politics will explain how political scientists compare different political systems in order to understand the change, development and motion inherent in political phenomenon. source..
Comparison and Contrast the Politics between China and North Korea
Political processes and structures of a country determine the perceptions of that country with regard to its democracy and well being of its citizens. Politics dictates the social context of the population and its internal and external functions and relations. Government and political structure are important aspects of maintaining a society and define a nation. Hence, it is imperative to understand political development of a country in order to ascertain its internal and external procedures in order to comprehend its social background. This paper compares and contrasts the political systems of both China and North Korea and tries to elaborate on how political processes and structures have developed over time and their relationship towards growth and stability of each of the two countries.
Both North Korea and China have applied a similar political structure albeit to different extents and this has thus far been perceived as the reasons for development of perceived democracy within the two nations and growth of their economy and society in the various dynamic degrees witnessed today. Both countries apply a one party system though differing in the methods of political processes in electing and administration. Being in close proximity geographically, both political systems have had a great influence on each other with regard to system design, but the diversity of application has led to total dynamism in effectiveness and development of both countries socially, economically and democratically. Both systems have applied checks and balances in their modus operandi of the political structures although the degree of liberty has been limited in varying degree; hence having the effect of a bottom placed democracy in North Korea and a seemingly democratic society in the people’s republic of China.
The People’s Republic of China
China applies a single party system where leadership is constituted to be carried out by the main party which is the communist party. There are three wings of political systems that govern the political processes of China. China’s administration is distributed amongst these three entities which operate as a central government. The communist party of China (CCP) maintains a monolithic power structure, which limits exterior participation of minority groups that hold opposing views to its doctrines and are under represented. The communist party has historically thwarted the up rise of smaller political parties which aim to represent the minority groups that are underrepresented by the major political party. Such groups include women, farmers and workers whose numbers are minimally represented in the party yet form majority of the citizens. However, any organization into a political system by such groups is not encouraged and if allowed, is under the whim of the interests of the main party. ...
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