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Elderly living alone and Lonely elder problem in China Social Essay (Essay Sample)


Chinese traditional family pattern was? (Chinese particularity)
How did the family size and living condition and habit changed?
Current situation? (China's population aging development trend)
Lonely elder ’s phycological and physical health condition.
Social impact ...
Why we do we need to be care, to be aware of this social problem?
Why we need the young generation to understand the situation of elders.
Possible solution (senior citizen university)
Chicago style.
The cited materials can come from Chinese or English websites.
The sentences quoted at the bottom of each page in the article need to be followed by footnotes.
On the last page of bibliography, each citation is followed by a paragraph explaining why this source is used. Just one sentence or two. Every source in your bibliography should be there for a reason. In addition to typical source citation in Chicago style, write one to three sentences for each that give context to the importance of that piece to your overall proposal.


Family in China
Social Sciences
Family is a building block among the Chinese families. China is known for its robust family system. Traditionally, the family has been a fundamental social institution and places a high value on blood ties. The Chinese families have well developed and defined roles for different family members. It was more of a patriarchal society whereby sons and their wives lived with their parents until their death. Afterward, they would divide their property amongst themselves. Marriage, family, and children were prominent in Chinese culture. For an individual to marry and maintain a household, they were expected to work and have an income. Just like any other Asian culture, the elders in the family were respected for their wisdom. In most traditional families, especially those living in rural areas, many generations live under one household. The grandparents who live with their children played a significant role in raising their grandchildren. In the process, the elderly were taken care of and looked up to by the rest of the family. Confucianism gives unchallengeable powers to the oldest male in society. Sons are expected to give wherever they have to their parents and take care of them; otherwise, they would incur a loss. However, in the modern society, family sizes in China have decreased. There is also the decline of women moving in with the husband’s family after marriage, increase in the divorce rates, and single motherhood. These changes have been as a result of change in the gender and family values.[Hu, Yang, and Jacqueline Scott. "Family and gender values in China: Generational, geographic, and gender differences." ] [Hu, Yang, and Jacqueline Scott. "Family and gender values in China: Generational, geographic, and gender differences." ]

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