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Week 5 Research Report Sustainable: Economic Development (Essay Sample)


Answer Subjectively 
The Chinese word for “Crisis,” 危机 (weiji), is often translated as containing the words “danger” and “opportunity.” (In strict fact this may be a mistranslation – but let’s not spoil the fun by being too picky.) For your report, please research a natural hazard that human beings need to cope with to ensure their comfort, safety, or security. Please also research natural systems that provide opportunities for humans to cope with the natural hazard. For example, humans need to cope with floods – and there are natural systems that can contribute to flood control. As another example, humans need shelter and to provide themselves with thermal comfort within their shelters – and there are forces such as sunlight and wind that either contribute to, or detract from, thermal comfort, depending on the design of the shelter. There are many other examples. In many cases we are using human-designed systems, including significant use of materials and energy, to gain services that might also be provided by natural systems. Please research an example of the interaction of human design and natural systems, share what you learn, and include the conclusions you reach from your research.


Week 5 Research Report Sustainable
Student’s Name
Week 5 Research Report Sustainable
The UN has defined natural disasters as: "the consequences of events triggered by natural hazards that overwhelm local response capacity and seriously affect the social and economic development of a region." From the definition provided by UN, cyclones that strike uninhabited islands are not natural disasters. Also floods cannot be considered to be natural disasters when the municipal authorizes are able to respond to them. The hurricanes that hit Haiti and Cuba as a result of thunderstorms in 2008 can be considered to be a natural disaster since the public was not able to respond and as a result there was a long-term deforestation in the country. In 2008 when the hurricanes hit the two countries, 800 people died in Haiti while four in Cuba.[Carol, Mutch. "The role of schools in disaster preparedness, response and recovery: what can we learn from the literature?" Pastoral Care in Education 32, no. 1 (2014): 5-22.]
The most dangerous natural disaster that affects the lives of all living things is an earthquake. Research has shown that only the poor who live in marginalized areas feel the impact of earthquakes. On December 1988, an earthquake hit Armenia killing more than 55,000 people leaving other more than 500,000 people homeless. The earthquake had registered a scale of 6.9. On October 1989 another earthquake that registered a scale of 7.1 hit San Francisco, California. 62 people died while 12,000 were left homeless. Japan has been another country that has a long history of earthquakes. Despite the frequent attacks, still the public is not able to fully respond. Earthquakes strike other countries in low intensity with no ...
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