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Bryant Park in Manhattan. Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


*essay structure: please write the essay in three parts: 1. introduction presenting the argument (200-250 words). 2. a literature review summarizing important written works related to the Bryant park in Manhattan as an unban landmark, both for tourists to visit and locals to relax. (300-350 words) 3. argument (1000 words).
*about the literature review: please put the images in the doc if images are used to accompany the writing. Thank you. I really appreciate it!
*about the argument: please write that the original design and proposal of Bryant park is not valid any more. with rapid development of social media, the Bryant park, should be re-designed with changing-form, non-figural installations that response to the social media posts (like Instagram) in real time. (please see the images I upload. I will put those images in final presentation too, so feel free to write about the images in the essay.)


Bryant Park in Manhattan
Bryant Park is an eight-acre large and green oasis found at the 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue intersection in New York. The park is considered one of the most adorable and pleasant parks found within and around Manhattan. The park has heavily trafficked streets around it that sometimes pose challenges when accessing it. However, it is argued that the park remains one of the most relaxing parks within the region.
Bryant Park was once the hub of drug trafficking, and it was always in the headlines of dailies for wrong reasons. Many people referred to the park as Needle Park because, besides drug trafficking, it was also known for prostitution and violence back in the 1970s. However, the park has in the recent past transformed to what its clients refer to as a beloved summer hangout spot that hosts thousands of families in a friendly serene during winter.

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