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Greek Philosophy Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


How does Jules Evans understand ancient Greek philosophy’s contribution to improving quality of life? Your essay should include an analysis of three situations from your life. Your essay should include at least two quotes per body paragraph. Do not put quotations in the introduction or conclusion.
At least two sources should be mentioned.


Greek Philosophy
Student’s name
Evans Jules is a proponent of phycology incorporating philosophy. Jules has a better understanding of life because philosophy rescued him from depression. In his book “philosophy for life and other dangerous situations”, Jules reveals how philosophy saved his life, and why we should apply it to our day-to-day lives. His book has twelve chapters each introducing a philosopher and his or her contribution to quality life today. Jules uses philosophy to inspire us to be happier, resilient and wise like the philosophers in his book. There is a connection between philosophy and psychology according to his explanation about cognitive therapy. Stoic philosophy inspired cognitive psychotherapy, which saved his life and continues to help people with psychological problems. Using ancient philosophy indicated in Jules work, I was able to overcome ridicule due to my obesity and being brought up by a single mother.
Stoicism is a very influential class of ancient philosophy that teaches self-control and self-discipline. According to this philosophy, one has to understand the rules of Nature and humanity in order for them to have a good life with its main premise being ‘Happiness’. Epictetus, Seneca the Younger, and Marcus Aurelius are the biggest proponents of stoicism; which they used to achieve a better life in the ancient Greek the three rote journals that serve as sources of stoic philosophy. 

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