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Chinese Philosophy and Religion Buddhism (Essay Sample)


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Chinese Philosophy and Religion
Part One: Buddhism
Religion is a set of dogmas, feelings, beliefs, and practices that determine relationships between human being and divinity or sacred. Today, several religions exist, and each one of them is characterized by a unique set of believers, sacred books worship, rites, moral descriptions, interdicts, sacrament, and organization. Most religions originated from either exemplary history of a nation, a wise man or a prophet teaching certain ideals of life. On the other hand, philosophy refers to the activity scholars undertake in a bid to understand general and fundamental truths about existence, values, knowledge, mind, reason, and language. They engage in this activity because they want to establish the truths about themselves, their relationship with each other, the world they live in, and their relationship with the world. Philosophers work hard to answer some of the intriguing questions about some mysteries such as life, creation, the existence of God, and soul among other things. Unlike religion where one is expected to have a strong belief in the existence of something even without empirical evidence, philosophy is based on the provision of evidence to confirm the existence of a particular subject under contention. The subsequent paragraphs will comprehensively discuss why Buddhism is more of a philosophy than a religion.
As discussed above, religion is a set of beliefs and dogmas that determines the relationship between humans and a supernatural being. Buddhism is one of the major practices in China, which is believed to originate from ancient India between the 6th and 4th BCE. Buddhism is based on four main truths: humans usually experience suffering in the form of diseases, old age, death, and all other forms, suffering is closely associated with human desire, suffering can be avoided by an individual abandoning all desires, and there is a right path that leads to the end of suffering. Also, Buddhism is an atheistic practice that does not depend on any supernatural being. It is a practice of inquiry and contemplation, and when the definition of the term religion is considered, Buddhism does not, therefore, qualify to be a religion. Thus, the practice is more of a philosophy than a religion. As indicated earlier, philosophy is the rational investigation to establish truths to some controversial topics such as life, soul, and the existence of God among others. The definition of the term philosophy fits Buddhism perfectly because it is based on teachings known as Dhamma, which means the

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