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Short assignment 6 Mathematics & Economics Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Reading-1: Agarwal, Bina (2000). "Conceptualising environmental collective action: why gender matters," Cambridge Journal of Economics, 24, 283–310
You can use the same discussion questions to structure your assignment.
1. Per the author, what are the different ways in which social norms constrain women's participation in environmental management?
2. What factors can help facilitate women's participation in resource conservation and environmental management?


Men and women are not treated in the same way in regards to environmental management. Women participation is often constrained due to a variety of significant variables which includes perceptions, norms, the household's social and economic achievements, rules, and entrenched territorial claims. Women often encounter gender-specific constraints when trying to take part in collective action. Most women can take part in different forms of activism that deal with protecting forests, but they also have to deal with a range of variables that restrict their efforts in such organizations.[Agarwal, Bina. "Conceptualising environmental collective action: why gender matters." Cambridge journal of economics 24, no. 3 (2000): 290.]
The rules that guide membership into community forestry groups (CFGs) and determine who will be part of the executive committee or general body also constrain women. These rules often allow only a single member of the household to join the organizations. Due to the current social norms, the person who is picked is often a male rather than female. Women also lack awareness about any changes with the rules and the content of the rules, and this means their participation is also limited.[Ibid, 301.]

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