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Intermediate Microeconomic: Judge And Politician (Essay Sample)


1.please use the knowledge in Inter Microeconomic.
2.Please write clearly and try not to use pronouns ( it ).
3.If there need to insert a table or chart, please draw it by Excel do not copy a graph from Google. And the graphs are not accounting for the number of pages.
4.Read the instruction carefully, my professor is really strict.



The United States’ state trial court judges wield immense control over the judicial system where a large number of convicts’ sentences do not get reviewed by the courts of appeal., in the year 2006 alone, over one million offenders were convicted to over two million years in penitentiary. (Rosenmerkel, et al, 2009)

The fact that there exists various selection methods including appointments, partisan and non partisan elections as well as party nominations excercebates the dilemma as each of these interest groups desire to exert their influence on the jury. Importantly, the citizenry who elect, nominate or propose the judges are often times not privy to the judicial candidates’ bio data prior to their appointments. In such a scenario, the media plays a key role in information gathering and sensitization of the masses about the candidates, although sometimes they do not. This oversight role played by the press enhances accountability by ensuring that the electorate makes informed decisions regarding elections and appointments into high office.

The judge, the politician, and the press

In the dispensation of justice, the judicial system has more often than not been criticized by the public for being either too lenient or too harsh because the citizens are the main beneficiary of a prudent judicial system. Interventions to ensure prudence can be successful when the society involves the media, whose input in educating and sensitizing the public on individual judicial officer’s conduct on discharging sentences can enable them make informed decisions on judicial candidates’ qualifications and conduct in cases where the electorate has scanty information regarding the candidate to be elected judge. The current judicial setup comprises three selection methods including the non partisan election system where candidates vie without party recognition and the leading two go for general elections. Partisan systems nominate candidates through political parties while the legislature appoints some judges. Aspects of under punishment or over punishment can also be brought into focus by the media where the history of each judge’s penal preference is examined and discussed prior to appointment nomination or election.

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