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Gender, the Environment, and Sustainability Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


This essay’s topic about “Gender, the Environment, and Sustainability”.
This section provides a gender perspective on the role of women in the sustainable management of community-based resources. We will study the effect of collective action on environmental conservation, and the role of institutions promoting effective collective management of resources
You will write three review essays (5-6 pages long, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font size) based on any three topics listed on the syllabus. Submit a printed copy of your essay on or before the due date. Your essays must involve a critical and comparative review of the readings assigned to a topic.
Note the following points carefully as you develop your essay:
1.What is the main idea that connects the selected readings covering a particular topic?
2.What are the research questions laid down in each of these papers?
3.What are the main arguments highlighted in the literature review section of these papers?
4. What research methods have been used in each paper in the assigned readings to answer the research questions?
5.What are the main findings in each paper?
6.How do these papers enhance your understanding of the topic in question?
7.What suggestions do you have for improvement with regard to implications on the policy?


Gender, Environment, and Sustainability
The role of gender in promoting the environment and facilitating sustainability has been addressed in the selected resources. For instance, it has been suggested the need for changing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of economic activity; an effective system should include other elements that influence human well-being outcomes such as abate poverty, health, and resources. Besides, regarding community-based institutions for environmental management, it has been found that women are more conservationists than men and that they use different social networks available in society to address issues affecting the environment. Additionally, it has been asserted that women and nature receive the same treatment in neoclassical economies; this is mainly because they are invisible and that they are considered as resources that should meet the need for both male and human beings. Additionally, the development of feminist ecological economies has made it possible to search theories and develop policies that are critical in promoting the sustainability of economies.

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