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Symbols Of Love In A Nation: What Does Patriotism Mean (Essay Sample)


According to the Oxford Dictionary, patriotism means "having or expressing devotion and vigorous support for one's country." Patriotism has positive connotations. it means you love your country and your fellow countrymen. but what happens if your country's values or interests run counter to your own-for example, when you are a pacifist but your country wants to draft you to serve in its army to fight a war? if you protest the decisions of your government, are you less patriotic than those who willingly acquiesce to the government's demands? or what if you are an African-American and have endured racism all your life, and you don't feel like saluting the American flag because doing so would make you feel like a hypocrite? are you no longer patriotic? What dose patriotism mean? this is the question I'd like you to explore in this essay. you must use at least 4 sources in your essay, using the Chicago Manual of style footnotes and bibliography method of citing sources. do not cite Wikipedia or other dictionary/encyclopedic sites.
Some things you may want to think about to help you focus your ideas include:
Does being patriotism mean you must do everything that your government asks you to do?
How can patriotism and democracy coexist?
Is patriotism sothing that changes in meaning depending on the times or the country, or does it have a fixed, unchanging, universal meaning?
What are some examples of patriotic and unpatriotic in other ways, or is a person either patriotic or not?
Can someone be patriotic in some ways and unpatriotic in other ways, or is a person either patriotism or not?
Article format:
1. The first body paragraph is talking about the sacrifice of the family( you don't have to change the content, but if u want you can revise some places)
2. The second paragraph is talking about the sacrifice of one's own life, for example, at our age, we enjoy studying abroad, while many young people have devoted themselves to serving the country. And then you can give some data or examples, because in China there are often young firefighters who lose their lives because of their jobs.
3. The third body paragraph is about the feel when chinese hear the national anthem.
4. Conclusion


What Does Patriotism Mean
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Patriotism is an act of showing love to an individual's country. Regardless of this obvious definition of patriotism, several questions raise concerns of the extent to which people should follow the definition. Among them is the manner in which personal interests relates to the interests of their nation as put forward by Gustafsson (Gustafsson 2014). It also creates concern on how it co-exists with democracy without hurting other people. In my opinion, patriotism's meaning draws to the symbols of love in a nation, a relationship between personal and state's interests and doing what is right for a nation like the examples expressed by the relationship between China and the United States of America.
Patriotism can be defined by the various symbols of love within a nation. An example is a Chinese flag which is viewed as a sign of liberty. The flag is used to show patriotism especially in sports whereby it is accompanied by the singing of the national anthem. Once the national flag has been raised and the national anthem sang, then the whole world recognizes the joy that the Chinese have for having won the particular trophy. In the 2018 Olympic Games, China won several medals after participating in twelve games. This made every Chinese happy to know that their country had dedicated individuals willing to represent them in the Olympics. The winners of the medals become ambassadors of love for their nation hence acting as a role model to young individuals who would love to show patriotism through sports.
In addition, patriotism can also be defined by comparing both personal and the state's interests. States show a lot of concern when it comes to the well-being of every member of society. A good example is the case of young soldiers who are dedicated to serve and protect their nation at all levels. The soldiers have the obligation of obeying orders and putting the state's interests as their first priority. Given the fact that individuals have to be patriotic towards their country, then in some cases, they end up giving up on their interests for the sake of their country's love. Hsu, Ming-Wen, Shin-Ku Lee, Lin-Lin Huang, Yaw-Kuang Chen, and Chun-Mu argue out

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