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My View on China Goes Global Power Country (Essay Sample)



1. The term paper is worth 25 points of the total semester score.
2. The title of the term paper is given: My View on China Goes Global
3. You are required to use at least 6 relevant articles/chapters/books as references. TWO of the six references must be scholarly articles/chapters, i.e., they come with footnotes/endnotes and have more than 10 pages.
4. The minimum length of the final paper is 10 pages in addition to a cover page and
reference page.
5. The paper must be typewritten, double-spaced, Times New Roman, and font size 12.
6. You are required to submit both e-copy and hard copy.
7. Students must combine the cover page, the main body pages and the reference page into ONE word document. The instructor will not grade your paper until the instructor
receives both copies.


My View on China Goes Global
My View on China Goes Global
The Chinese government, through its powerful China's Communist Party, laid out policies in 1978 aimed at promoting the nation's globalization agenda. The policies upon which the country sets its global agenda aimed at reforming the domestic educational, scientific, and technology structures to meet the international standards. The incorporation of global concepts into the three aspects was not enough to meet its goals for the international platform and thus enhanced both its commercial and cultural presence coming into the new millennium. However, China needed to take a cohesive multidimensional approach in consolidating global power and influence on key measurement parameters for the coveted and competitive position. Thus, the country embarked on a synchronized development approach in its endeavor to gain dominance in military, economy, science and technology, education and culture, diplomacy and other aspects at the global level. Indeed, the country boasts of significant gains across the primary parameters and often elicits debate on the authenticity of its rise to become a global power despite its commendable achievements alive for the world to witness and confirm. The genuineness of its economic figures is often questioned, its international governance policies deemed unfair for the free world, and its form of governance faulted by other nations. Nevertheless, China remains a force to reckon with though it faces various impediments, domestic and international, towards cementing its position as a global power in the definition of the phrase.
Since the enactment of the globalization policies by the Communist Party of China, the country maintains an upward trajectory amidst difference with other leading economies and powers of the world. Subsequent leadership or governments embrace the country's communist culture while still opening up to the world, becoming a pacesetter, and stamping its global influence.
Status of China on the Global Stage
It is without a doubt that the country is a recognized global economic force that seeks to expand its presence through other aspects of bilateral interactions between China and its countries of interest. The country is the world's leading exporter of manufactured goods and tries to elevate the standards of its goods to meet international standards and change the negative perception of its products. The country is making known its infrastructural dominance, especially around the developing countries, including the immediate neighbors of the United Status in Latin Americas. It is increasing its diplomatic ties with the world through cultural integration built around its numerous Confucius centers built around the globe. The authoritarian rule followed by the communist government of China is perceived by many people around the world to be infringing on the liberties provided by the basic human rights. Its adoption of this system of governance puts it at odds with other liberal countries in the world and is often a course for the diplomatic differences occurring between China and the West.[Odgaard, L. (2013). “Between Integration and Coexistence: US-Chinese Strategies of International Order”. Strategic Studies Quarterly, Vol. 7/1 pp. 15-39.] [Shambaugh, D. (2013). China Goes Global: The Partial Power. Oxford University Press.]
It is the realists and the nativists school of thinkers that dictate the nation's political direction at both the domestic and international levels. The leading faction is intolerant to criticism from its citizens or the political elite and advocates for strict adherence and conformation to communist ideologies which its people seem content to follow. It's military concent...

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