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Ready-To-Wear Lines To Survive - Ralph and Russo (Essay Sample)


follow the outline with its bib and sources

I. Introduction 

II. The re-invention of Haute Couture designs by Ralph Russo

III. Ralph Russo differs in terms of production and marketing

IV. Conclusion


Haute Couture Houses Launch Ready-To-Wear Lines To Survive-- Ralph and Russo
Haute Couture Houses Launch Ready-To-Wear Lines To Survive-- Ralph and Russo
In fashion, the term exclusive was used as a measure to determine which fashion designer qualified to be part of the House of worth. The House of Worth founded by Charles Worth was the only prominent, innovative and successful Haute couture fashion house during the nineteenth century. During this period, clothes were exclusively custom fitted for wealthy clients. Designers made clothes by hand, using high-quality fabrics, hence Haute Couture designs were recognized for their exclusivity and extreme attention to details. With the evolution of the fashion industry, modern fashion houses like Ralph Russo have diversified its offering that includes ready-to-wear designs to explore the modern social landscape of luxury.

Unlike ready-to-wear designs, producing Haute Couture pieces required spending a lot of time, making the end products to be expensive. Couture garments were created for specific clients and could only be resold to a small market since the designs were worn once .Couture was more of a style statement representing high social status. Nevertheless, haute couture fashion houses were popular during the nineteenth century. Many designers came to fame because of their association with haute couture requirements. For a designer to produce Haute Couture clothing, designers were required to adhere to specific standards set by a specific fashion board.

Designers had to get approval from Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture as required by the French law. Under this law, fashion houses were required to have a workshop in Paris with fifteen full-time employees. In addition, the fashion house was to make design-made-to-order pieces for specific clients for one fitting. These laws existed to ensure that any designer working under the label haute couture delivers faultlessly tailored pieces of designs. The shift to ready to wear lines opened doors for designers to work outside the strict confines of haute couture. Many designers like Ralph Russo preferred concentrating more on ready to wear line to explore a new social landscape of luxury.

Ralph Russo's ready to wear clothing differ in terms of its production and marketing. The clothes have the same skills used for couture designs, but are designed to fit within the client

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