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The Paris Peace Conference: Fail Results (Essay Sample)


When the belligerent states ceased hostilities in November 1918, many believed, perhaps naively, that it was the “war to ends all wars.” The victorious powers met in Paris for several months to negotiate and write peace treaties that would secure the future and provide the security. Within months and a few years, countries neglected, ignored, criticized, and abandoned the treaties. Why?

Your take-home essay must answer WHY not simply HOW the conference and treaties seemingly failed. You must make an argument defending a thesis, using all legitimate and available resources at your disposal. Treat this essay exam as a sort of research paper and answer the question as fully and completely as possible. Be sure to focus on the essential reasons, based upon the evidence, to substantiate your thesis.


Why is the Paris peace conference, and the resulting peace treaties considered such a failure?
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The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 that lasted until 1920 was a significant meeting. It brought reprieve of promoting world peace after the death of over eight million people and destruction of property amounting to 260 billion dollars during the World War I. The international meeting occurred in Versailles, Paris bringing together over thirty countries together in an attempt to establish measures that could bring about long-lasting peace. The peace conference, primarily dominated by the United States, France, Great Britain and Italy, reached upon various decisions. The formation of a League of Nations, which would act as a global security forum to prevent future wars and imposing of reparation on Germany for causing the war among others. Despite the spirited negotiations among the participating countries, uneasy negotiations, the absence of crucial nations at the conference and the extreme punishment on German resulted in the total failure of the Paris Peace Conference and the subsequent treaties.[. Shepley, Nick. 2015. Britain, France and Germany and the Treaty of Versailles: The Failure of Long Term Peace.]
Uneasy negotiations among the participating countries created hurdles that led to the failure of the conference and treaties. According to Tillman, the peace delegation comprising of representatives from twenty-seven nations begun meeting in Paris with the intent to develop the Versailles Treaty. However, the Allied powers, including the U.S, Italy, France and Great Britain mostly dominated the talks. Consequently, the conference changed from a peace finding mission into the push for individual agendas by the four powers most of which, conflicted with each other's interests. For instance, the United States through President Woodrow Wilson sought to impose his idealistic view of the world through the ‘14 points speech' that pushed for the free trade, entering of public agreements among nations, the founding of the League of Nations to promote world peace and imposing of minimal punishment in Germany. Great Britain, Italy, and France, on the other hand, prioritized on the redistribution of territories and the imposing of harsh penalties on Germany. Hence, the talks elicited significant disagreements among the four countries leading to their inability to bring other nations together subsequently, the failure to uphold the agreed upon tr

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