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Paper 9 Literature & Language Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


read the book -Swann's Way (In Search of Lost Time)
from page399-444
write an essay
add more personal interpretations and analysis of specific sentences


Swann's Way; in Search of Lost Time
Every person has ever fallen in love at some point in their lives, fallen in love with a person or something non-living. Falling in love with a person comes along with many issues that give you both happiness as well as make you sad. Some choices are hard to make, especially involving the person you have an affair with. Swann, the main character in the book, goes through all these tough times and is on the verge of giving up in life.
The major theme of the book revolves around love and betrayal. Swann is a homosexual who falls in love with Odette. However, he faces many problems in his love journey. The first thing is that he falls in love with a woman who has loved more than one man. He cannot give up on her, or maybe, for now, he is not planning on giving up their affairs, but this disturbs Swann a lot. This excerpt is from a time when Swann had gone over to Odette's house, but he was turned away and denied a chance to express their love sexually as they coded it "no cattleya tonight" after Odette claimed she was tired and not feeling well.

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