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Organization 23. Please answer these 3 questions. (Essay Sample)


Please answer these 3 questions and do not use any citations. I have to put the number of words that each questions should have so it needs to cover one page.
Give an example of a development project that did not take into consideration the culture and values of the people being “modernized.” Please explain what result the project had on their culture. (100 words)
What are some of the common explanations for illness found in traditional societies (e.g. those who believe in the interpersonal theory of disease (100 words)
. Compare the amount of human and non-human energy that goes into agricultural production in New Guinea as opposed to North America. Which system is more efficient, and why (75 words)


Organization 23
Organization 23
Question 1
Mobile technology is an example of a development project that did not consider the culture and values of people being modernized. It drastically changed the cultural norms and behaviors of people in society. In the past, social interaction in public places such as family meetings, churches, and sporting events was part of social norms. 

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