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Ideas And Questions That Will Be Discussed In The Research Process (Essay Sample)


This first step of the project design process will form the foundation that each team will use to develop their final research project Week 14. We will devote most of our class to development, discussion, and planning.
Getting started. In What Ways Might We...IWWMW
Empathy: Start looking around for ideas that will form the beginning of your project. Identify potential problems or ideas you would like to explore and study.
In what ways might we? (IWWMW?) are questions that provoke you to think harder about a topic or a problem. There are different types of questions that come to mind, The Challenge is to come up with a question that does not have a simple answer, instead, it inspires us to look more deeply
Samples to consider
IWWMW-Explore the importance of open discourse and disagreement as a tool for learning? (improve an experience)
IWWMW-Explore ways to help students reduce stress, improve quality and get more work done. (Improve performance)
IWWMW-find ways to manage our use of technology to improve balance and quality of life.
IWWMW-raise awareness and sensitivity to gender-related issues that make our friends and colleagues unhappy and uncomfortable (quality of life/human rights)
What, How and Why
Come up with 5 ideas: Use the 3 questions to explain each of your 5 ideas.
In what ways might we...? Put your idea in the form of a question.
What interests you about this idea? Explain a reason for your interest and how it relates to you.
How would you like to begin your research process?


Research Outline
Student's Name
Institution affiliation
Research Outline
Research is broad and, in most cases, there is a need to come up with an outline that shows the manner in which the research will be conducted. This implies that is a researcher; one is expected to come up with ideas and questions that guide the various ideas to be discussed in the research process. Below are some of the ideas and questions
1 In what ways might we ensure that we meet our research goals?
a). Ensuring that the research is conducted in a group to have vast information about the topic.
b). Will the use of credible sources impact on the research?
c) What are the best ways of identifying credible sources?
This idea interests me because it will enable be define the research goals that I aim at achieving as a researcher
2. What are the essentials of time manage

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