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Thomas Hobbes and Nicollo Machiavelli (Essay Sample)


“All states, all dominions that have held and do hold empire over men have been and are either republics or principalities.” Machiavelli, The Prince, tr. Mansfield, Chapter One. By dividing all known states into, principalities and republics, Machiavelli implies that any state ruled by more than one person is a republic, whether those rulers are few or many. As in Chapter Nine, however, the “people” or majority never rules, in a republic any more than in a principality, because they are incapable of rule and just wanted to be left alone. This explains why Machiavelli rejects Aristotle’s older threefold classification of rule by one, rule by few, or rule by the many, because while the many may sometimes appear to rule (as in cities that call themselves democracies) behind the scenes (as in Chapters Eight and Nine) the ruling is being done by one or a few. so we have some states that are principalities ruled by one person and others that are republics ruled by few whether very few or quite a few. Hobbes in Leviathan introduced a new model for those dominions that hold empire over men. The question: what is Hobbes Leviathan a principality in Machiavelli’s terms? a republic? Or something else? Note that the question is about Hobbes not Machiavelli so you can use material from chapter one eight and chapter nine (1, 8, 9) the latter your focus should be squarely on the former. And based on the concepts of principality and republic provided above try to apply them to the Leviathan and Leviathan to them. Begin by explaining how (if at all) the Leviathan state resembles a “principality.” Explain how (if at all) it resembles a “republic.” Explain how (if at all) it differs from each other’s -------------------------------------------- Make sure the answer is broken down but connected at the same time in 3 parts Show a clear thesis 1250 words not including citations 3 citations in each paper Use Hobbes Leviathan latest edition …. Hackett publishing Use The Prince also latest addition … Univ. of Chicago Press


Thomas Hobbes and Nicollo Machiavelli had different views on the role of politic in the society, but their thoughts and theoretical approaches are still relevant in the contemporary political scene. Hobbes mostly focused on the concept of power and the role of consent in legitimizing power. On the other hand, Machiavelli simply assumed that power exists, and Machiavelli’s’ concern is on how power politics comes into play. In The Prince, Machiavelli sought to expound on his political philosophy through seeking what he termed as the truth. Hobbes concept on the state of nature appears imaginary in comparison to Machiavelli’s thoughts and wittings. This paper delves into how Thomas Hobbes Leviathan state is similar and different from Machiavelli’s principalities and republics.
In The Prince, Machiavelli stated that principalities could come about either as new entities or through heredity. However, Machiavelli went to state that principalities brought about by hereditary were easier to hold on to; as such, a principality would already be accustomed to being ruled by the same family. In other words, an heir to the thrown is more likely to hold onto power for long unless an extraordinary event results to power shift. Machiavelli further supposes that in the event that the rightful heir is relieved of power, then this would simply be temporary, as power would revert to the rightful person. Thus, the heir to power needs not offend people to be powerful, and not unless he provokes the people through carelessness then there is likelihood that he would be a popular power broker.
Leviathan state and principality
Machiavelli divided states into either a republic or a principality, but Hobbes viewed states as either being formed through agreement or force. Both a principality and state has sovereignty over the people being governed, but the differences emerge on how the ...
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