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How Haute Couture Houses Are Launching Ready To Wear Lines To Survive? (Essay Sample)


Topic is on how haute couture houses are start to launch ready to wear lines to survive. (idea)
-haute couture: time consuming, pricy, only can be worn once, tiny target market...
-ready to wear: with only a bit of "brand image" element, commercial pieces, more wearable...
-examples could be: ralph & russo , comme des garcons, vera wang, lanyu bridal, marchesa...
Fashion History: Ready-to-Wear Final ProjectYour final consists of 2 parts: a 10-minute presentation in class and a written paperA scholarly research paper (7-9 pages) on any topic of your choosing related to ready-to-wear, past or present. - Paper outlines (1-2 pages) are due at midterm, week 8 (March 15th). Please bring your ideas to class the week before (March 8th) for group brainstorming and discussion.- Final papers are due on in classon May 9. No exceptions. Late papers will not be graded.Standards for writing:- 12 pt font, double spaced, 1” margins- Chicago Manual of Style citation guidelines (footnote in text, bibliographic references at the end) if you aren't familiar with the rules you can find them here:
Proper citation is essential in scholarly writing. Make sure you footnote and cite any fact or idea that isn't your own.- Wikipedia, blogs, or other unsubstantiated online commentary is not an acceptable source for a research paper- At least 2 sources derived from academic journals or books.
What makes a good paper?
- A clear thesis statement: what is your paper about? What question does it answer? What comparison are you making? Present your argument in the introduction. - What is your evidence? What visual or textual sources are you using to support your point?
- How are you approaching your evidence/material? Strong papers pull particular examples to illustrate an idea or concept. Weak papers summarize a selection of facts about the subject without drawing a conclusion. - Your grade is determined by 3 main factors: a clearly articulated thesis statement, the use of evidence to support your position that is properly sourced, and writing: take time to proofread, spellcheck, and use proper citation style.PresentationsEach student will prepare a 10-minute presentation, with visuals, on their final paper topic. This is your chance to show off your work in class and get feedback-make it as professional as you can! - Label your images (artist/designer, title, date) and be prepared to answer where you found your visuals and note where they were first published. - Speak clearly and make a point. Read from notes if you need to, but make sure to look up from the page and address the audience.- Try to avoid slides with a lot of text- Everyone presents for 10 minutes, expect questions and feedback.


Paper Outline
Haute couture houses launch ready-to-wear lines to survive
The term exclusive was used as a measure to determine which fashion designer qualifies to be part of the House of worth. The House of Worth founded by Charles Worth is the only prominent, innovative and successful Haute couture fashion house during the nineteenth century.
Haute couture designs were exclusive and custom fitted for wealthy clients. Clothes were made by hand, using high-quality fabric. Haute Couture designs are always recognized for their exclusivity and extreme attention to details.
Producing Haute Couture pieces required spending a lot of time, making the end products to be pricy, these designs were worn once and it targeted a tiny market segment.
With the evolution of the fashion industry, modern fashion houses like Ralph Russo have diversified its offering to add wearability and lower prices. Ralph Russo's ready to wear clothing differ in terms of its production and marketing.
Ralph Russo ready-to-wear clothing are innovative designs with the same attention to detail which forge a new path within the fashion industry.
The re-invention of Haute Couture designs by Ralph Russo
Tamara Ralph and Micahel Russo launched Ralph Russo fashion house 10 years ago. The two expanded and refined Haute couture elements to present wearable and affordable designs with modern features.
Ralph Russo designs incorporate the traditional classic couture features, but divert some of their features to provide dynamic ensembles. Their designs appeal not only celebrities like Bella Hadid and Angelina Jolie, but to a wider audience because of its lower prices.
Ralph & Russo's ready to wear designs offer alternative and broader price range, allowing them to engage with a new audience. Its ready-to-wear clothing are readily available internationally, these include romantic gowns and other women clothing and accessories.
Ralph Russo differs in terms of production and marketing
Ralph Russo designs emphasize the importance of

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