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Comparative Analysis Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Paper I: Comparative Analysis
Purpose and Description
The ability to analyze texts rhetorically will be fundamental to your success as writers and, more generally, as individuals who can engage critically with ideas and arguments. With these ends in mind, your aim in this assignment will be to 1) learn strategies for analysis and apply them toward essays related to the course theme; and 2) construct an argument that develops a rhetorical stance in relation to the essays you have analyzed. The instructions described below are designed to guide you through this process.

Invention & Inquiry
Consider the following as you develop the first draft of your paper:
Read and annotate two essays (academic/scholarly sources)
Analyze each essay according to methods taken from Chapter 2 in IAW
Identify each author’s central claim and how he or she supports it (e.g., by citing other authors, by narrating experience, by including evidence he or she gathered through research)
Consider your own position in relation to the arguments you have analyzed in this paper. The general idea here is to acknowledge existing research but also to contribute something new to the conversation you are looking to join.

The Composing Process
Academic research writing takes many forms. For this assignment, however, you will adopt a common organizational structure. Specifically, you should introduce your subject and state your thesis, offer some context for your analysis, present your analysis, come to a general resolution that balances the perspectives you have analyzed and reinforces your thesis, and conclude the paper by pointing toward additional research that should or needs to be undertaken. Consider the following as you structure and draft your paper:
Introduction (designed to frame your paper)
Thematic Context (designed to build on Exercise I)
Rhetorical Analysis (designed to focus on 2 comparable sources)
Resolution of Perspectives (designed to reinforce your thesis)
Conclusion & Directions (designed to gesture toward future action)

Specific Requirements
Your paper should:
Analyze two academic/scholarly essays related to the course theme
Develop a compelling thesis based on methodical analysis
Have a well-defined and coherent organizational structure
Be written in a clear, precise, and active prose style
Cite sources correctly using appropriate citation style (Chicago)
Include a title that reflects the spirit and scope of your paper
Be 4-5 pages in length (double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman)
Be uploaded to Canvas as a Word document by the deadline.

The process of initiating a research project and building new knowledge requires us, first, to recognize different perspectives, and second, to offer something new to our audience based on our own research, analysis, experience, and insights. Keep these principles in mind as you undertake your analysis and develop an argument you can continue to build as we transition into Project II. Please write or stop by my office (or both) if you have questions about this assignment or anything else related to the course.
the word doc I send you is my last time writing, could you try to follow my style? you do not need to ues fancy words and sentence. The two articals i found is kinds of like report. Thank you!



The introduction and advancement of technology have proved to have both its advantages and disadvantages. A 2007 report by Amanda Lenhart states that one in every three online teenagers are victims of online harassment, with girls being more inclined to the effects of cyberbullying, both online and offline. Cyberbullying is defined as the deliberate act of digital intimidation, harassment, and embarrassment. The action is carried out in various ways, including both verbal and non-verbal behaviors of violent, sexual, and unpleasant messages, gross messages, and unauthorized phone calls. There have been numerous debates on the nature of cyberbullying, the causes and severity of the act, popularity of ages involved, and the responsibility of parents and children on the behavior. This essay seeks to present information on a comparative analysis of two scholarly articles on the theme, and prove the validity of the hypothesis that although sex and age are direct influences of the behavior, the root cause of the perpetration is parents' unawareness of their children's online behavior.

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