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Analysis of Starry Night Artwork by Vincent Gogh (Essay Sample)


You can choose the best from Moma or the art gallery, and then don't do any research to directly describe your views on this work. You can analyze it from the color line organization.
Just like this article, but don't check the data to write your own understanding.


Formal Analysis of Starry Night Artwork by Vincent Gogh

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Starry Night was one of the most famous and elusive artworks that were painted by Vincent van Gogh in the year 1889. Gogh made the painting from his memory when he was seeking treatment in a mental asylum. One of the first things that you notice when you look at the piece of art is the night sky which appears mostly in the background of the art. Gogh painted the night sky in such a way that it appears to be having flowing lines across the background in a gentle manner and then they march at the center of the sky forming a shape that appears to be spiral. There is also the presence of the starts and the moon that appear to be lighting the art. The yellow moon is of crescent shape and Gogh used the yellow light to show the glowing nature of the moon and it is also brighter than the stars. The stars are also strategically placed above and below the spiral shape of the waves to signify the rotating orbs that are found in the sky. With such a setting of the night sky, one admires the art and the level of creativity that was involved in making such artwork. The night sky creates an image that the time at which the artwork is referring to is at night due to the presence of the glowing stars.
In the foreground, there is large cypress bush that appears to break one from the view of the night sky and the village at the far end. The cypress tree which is black green in color appears to be in the shape of a flame like perhaps to match the sky waves that Gogh had already painted. The dark branches of the tree also appear to be swaying in the direction of the sky that is above it. At the center of this painting is a village with tiny houses that are located on the bottom right of the artwork. The houses are made in such a way that they blend well with the environment which is the forest and the blue hills. There is also a

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