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Taking Back Eden Summary (Essay Sample)

Read the book, Taking Back Eden: Eight Environmental Cases that Changed the World, by Oliver A. Houck (2010). Write a review of the book, 4-5 pages. Discuss the legal issue of each case. Why was each case so important? source..
EIGHT ENVIRONMENTAL CASES THAT CHANGED THE WORLD Name: Course: Instructor`s Name: Date: Eight Environmental Cases that Changed the World Introduction This assignment is based on the book "Taking Back Eden: Eight Environmental Cases that Changed the World;, which is authored by Houck, Oliver in 2010. The author has written eight environmental cases which did change the world perspective to environment. He emphasis on the need of ordinary people going to court to challenge the government on environmental issues, where justice is not being done by the government inactivity or actions which are degrading the environment. His stories are based on eight countries where the law suits were filed and the complainants worn the case and the ruling were done in favor of conserving the environment. In each of the cases he discusses on the sites which were being presented in court, those who rose up to challenge it in court, the strategies used by their lawyers, obstacles and setback experienced as well as the victory which they got after being persistent. The cases were done simultaneously within almost the same time without the protagonist communicating or inciting each other and they brought new laws of protecting the environment. The cases were; A lone fisherman who was determined to protect River Hudson, while a Philippine lawyer challenged the boarding illegal logging ships from the air, Indian Nation standing firmly against hunting grounds, saving of the Taj Mahal by a civil right attorney, neutralization of dictatorship in Chile and Greece, Hindu and Shinto religious cases, change of regime in Russia and judges who for saw crisis and steeped in to save the environment. Storm King Case This was a land mark case which was heard in United States in 1960`s on how citizens did enforce the environmental law. This was a global phenomenon even in those countries which had different political and legal traditions. This case is also known as Hudson River case, the legal issue being discussed in based on the company General Electronic (GE) which for over 30yearsit has been discharging toxic substances of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Hudson river which it was estimated they had disposed an approximate of 1.3 Million pounds of Polychlorinated Biphenyls and was toxic to aqua life and people who would drink the water or eat fish from the river. The discharge was emanating from capacitors which were disposed in the water as well as accidental spillage which did occur during manufacturing. Mush of this waste had sediment behind a dam at fort Edward and the court rules in favor of the complainant for a health environmental survey to be done to access on the environmental damage which have been caused by the toxic substances. After a report was done on the health hazard being experienced the companies were ordered to dredge the river with an aim of cleaning up the sediments of the particles which were disposed by the company. This ruling had remarkable achievements on ensuring that the contaminations done to the people and wildlife living throughout the Hudson River ecosystem is taken care of and controls are put in place to prevent further damage. Houck was using the cases to sensitize the citizens that they have roles to play in control of the environment and how they can act`s as catalysts for environmental reforms throughout the world. By presentation of environment cases by the citizens they ensure that the government and other governing bodies do protect the environment through legal processes. The book does recognize the few courageous people who challenged multinational organizations and governments to protect the environment which is being enjoyed. Giant Cedar Trees at a sacred shrine in Japan case Due to increased Cedar ...
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