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Decriminalization of Marijuana: Medicine, Social, and Recreational Effect (Essay Sample)


this is very important for you to understand this is an Argumentative essay, it is arguing that we should decriminalize the possession of weed.
the intro of this essay must start with a compelling case study of a person to set the story, the intro paragraph must end with a properly formulated thesis statement.
remember the whole point of this essay is to decriminalize the possession of marijuana NOT to legalize it 
you need to talk about all the good things that come from decriminalization of pot such as the reduction of costs to gov't and less of people in prison MAKE SURE TO support this with graphs and charts 
this whole paper needs to have a continuous thread that relates all the arguments together and that thread is THE LOSS OF HUMAN CAPITAL with so many people being in jail for these no offensive crimes.
EVERYTHING IN THIS PAPER MUST!!! be CITED in proper chicago format this includes images, graphs, quotes and Paraphrases 
all the sources you use I NEED the links that i can access and you need to tell me WHICH Page and paragraph from your source documents SO I CAN CHECK YOUR CITATIONS (I.E. " this is a quote or a statement " page 6 of blank source paragraph 2) you need to do this for all quotes paraphrases and images graphs
Remember this is a Argument essay it needs to have counter arguments but only to so you can discredit their arguments very aggressively 


Decriminalization of Marijuana
Professors Name:
Marijuana is a worldwide drug that has been used for ages for medicine, social, and recreational effects. The facts advocate for studying the importance of decriminalization of weed possession. There is a different public opinion about the legalization of marijuana. National treaties, as well as national and regional laws, have been established to forbid it. Despite this, sixteen states in the US have allowed the use of weed for medical purposes. US federal laws recognize marijuana as a drug and efforts to legalize it have raised some questions.
Myths developed through films such as Reefer Madness and the stereotypical approach in associating it with immoral acts and particular ethnic groups of people lead to complications in the legalization of the drug. The gap created by the public perception and the importance of marijuana makes it be degraded as a plant of medicinal value in the modern communities. The claims made suggest that the use of marijuana results to mental decay that leads to destructive and immoral behaviors. The government spends funds in fighting the use of marijuana.
Estimates show that 3-4 percent of the people in the world aged between 15 and 64 are regular users of the drug and the prevalence in the United States is three times the global average. Given the benefits of the drug, legalizing this drug can transform the use of funds into other beneficial activities. The prescriptions of the drug can be beneficial to patients with health complications such as anxiety and poor appetite. Additionally, legalizing weed would make it a commodity of legal trade earning taxes for the government and income for farmers, merchants, and retailers rather than criminals.
Mary Amylea Nunez is one of the medical marijuana patients who is considered the youngest child to use marijuana oil in conquering her epilepsy. According to the Doctors of Marijuana (2016), Mary was born with what was considered as a rare form of epilepsy, a factor that has left this little baby nurse close to 15 seizures within a single day.
Nicole Nunez, Mary's mother alleged that she had tried every sort of medication that was within her disposal with no success. In an attempt to save her baby, she was introduced to cannabis oil also referred to as CBD that consequently had lower traces of THC. Nicole further states that this treatment has impacted the life of her child immensely. This case clearly depicts the importance of medical marijuana in treating several kinds of ailments, a factor that justifies its decriminalization.[. Marijuana Doctors (2016) Youngest Child to Use CBD Oil to Conquer Epilepsy./blog/medical-marijuana-patients/Meet-Youngest-Child-To-Use-CBD-Oil-To-Conquer-Epilepsy]
It is vital to consider that Marijuana appeared somewhere in mid-1960 when the aspect of "Hippie" took the forefront in the society. This saw the introduction of objections that were directed towards objecting the use of marijuana because of the lifestyles and values associated with its use. Marijuana evolved to become one of the symbols of a youthful rebellion and counter-culture, a factor that saw its use rise immensely within the American society. Some nations in this case began accepting the use of this drug since the users changed their attitudes about the dangers of using this drug.[. Thies, Clifford F., and Charles A. Register. 1993. "Decriminalization of marijuana and the demand for alcohol, marijuana and cocaine." Social Science Journal 30, no. 4: pp.385.]
The idea of decriminalizing Marijuana has emerged into a burning issue for years now. This is mainly because of its value as a medicine and its industrial uses. This essay therefore seeks to determine the reasons why marijuana should be decriminized with the central focus being on ...
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