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The "American Dream" for Americans of European Descent History Essay (Essay Sample)


Using only primary sources (not essays) from the Major Problems book as evidence to support your argument, answer the following question: What was the "American Dream" for Americans of European descent and how did they utilize the land and labor of others (the enslaved, Native Americans, the poor, women) to realize that dream?
Please keep your paper between 1300 and 1600 words.
Please read and follow these guidelines when writing your paper:
Be sure to have an argument and provide specific evidence to support your argument.
Please format this paper, and all future paper assignments according to the Chicago Manual of Style. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
You do not need a bibliography or works cited page for this paper but be sure to use footnotes when citing your sources (see Chicago Manual of Style link above).
Be sure to have a strong thesis statement, and you must highlight, bold, or underline your thesis statement.
Make sure you cite your sources correctly, and avoid plagiarism. Please read this reference (Links to an external site.)Links to an external to learn about plagiarism.
You will only be allowed to use the Major Problems book as a reference for this paper. No outside or online sources!!!
Be sure to use only primary source evidence from the Major Problems book to support your arguments in the paper. Do not use any outside sources to answer this question.


The "American Dream" for Americans of European Descent
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The United States is currently fighting climate change, but the root of this issue runs deeper than the economic crisis that it experienced in the 1930s. Since the colonial times, there has been a culture of exploitation which has been integrated into the American social and environmental practices, the state function, and the idea of progress. This has also been the case with the Natives’ pursuit of the American Dream. According to the Natives, the American Dream was understood to be white nationalism in America, thus subjecting other populations to forced labor and grabbing their land as the Americans chased the American Dream. Realizing the American Dream has become elusive, proving the futility of the unfair labor practices and land acquisition measures the Americans used as they pursued it albeit for personal interests.
As understood by Roosevelt and reminded to use by Ocasio-Cortez, correcting the inequities and harms which resulted from unchecked personal interests in the name of pursuing the American Dream may call for coercive restrictions and powerful incentives. The popular sense of the American culture as progress and pursuit of the American Dream condemns such practices and interventions, but there is a need to revisit that history so as to expose how the American culture of exploiting other populations and subjecting them to forced labor contributed to economic aggression rather than focusing on sustainable practices which would have enabled them to achieve the American Dream.

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