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Ways the us Engage in the Cold War (Essay Sample)


Select only one of the two questions below and write an essay of 3-5 pages. Make sure to use correct citations and a correct bibliography (Chicago Manual of Style citation method). Cite all ideas, whether quotes or paraphrases, you get from any scholarly source (do not use Internet resources). You are required to use two outside scholarly sources in addition to the class readings. Avail yourself of UMUC resources from the class, plus search JSTOR and EbscoHost for outside scholarly resources. Materials derived from the UMUC library computer database for scholarly articles are not Internet resources, thus they are acceptable. I urge you strongly to use JSTOR and EbscoHost (on the UMUC library computer database) for your scholarly materials. I have placed documents on LEO to assist in writing the essay by providing clear grammar/style rules in addition to proper footnote and bibliography formatting. You are required to use these documents before you submit the essay. Be well acquainted with the documents as I will be using them to determine in large part your grade for the essays. Once again, I will not accept any essays with Internet sources, so no websites. Do not use encyclopedias or dictionaries.
Your paper must have a clear thesis (answer to the question) and a clear method (how you are answering the question) in the last sentence of the introduction. It must utilize analysis based on scholarly evidence to prove the thesis. The paper must be typed, in Word (no PDFs), double-spaced with one-inch margins, and no cover page. Do not use more than two quotes and none should be longer than three lines. Follow this rule closely.
I will base your grade on the essay’s clarity (an explicit thesis and method are critical), logic, effectiveness of argumentation, grammar/style/correct citation format (assimilate the writing guide and footnote guide on LEO), the correct use of scholarly sources, and use of evidence. 
What was the Feminine Mystique? What did Betty Friedan assert with this phrase? What role did this idea play in the emerging, second-wave feminism of the early 1960s?
In what ways did the US engage the Cold War from its origins around 1946 to 1965? Consider analyses of the politics, the culture, the economics, and the military. Choose two ways and analyze.


The US played a significant role in the cold war right from its origin in 1946 to 1965. To control the incidences that took place during this period, some factors had to be put in place by the US. This paper intends to explain the role played by the US by analyzes of the aspects of politics, culture, economics as well as the military. The paper will show two ways in which the US played her role and analyzed them.
In 1950, the American administration decided to make decisions that according to Kennan lowered important negotiations. These actions were; to retain the US troops in Japan just after the end of the formal occupation and to make the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In this period of the cold war, the US was the only outstanding power in the whole world. It was the only country that had escaped the wartime period of destruction. The political influence and democracy was strong. Political stability was strong and therefore the government regime was durable and its integrity was high. There were no despotic ideas and the government ruled with democracy. The stability of the US government was able to withstand the cold war due to lack of societal upheaval. This further helped the US to have the strong influence in the cold war.[Pieterse Nedervee and Samir Jan Dasgupta. Politics of Globalization. Los Angeles. SAGE Publications.]
At this moment of cold war, New York became the center of the world culture and art. In fact, New York became "Americanized;. It was a custom that when one was referring to the Soviet Union, the term commonly used was satellite countries. However, the clients of America found in Europe, commonly the NATO countries, East Asia, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan were scarcely submissive. In the North, US was able to execute her wishes.[Ibid 6]
The wishes that US executed were both on her Superpo...
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