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Take-Home Final Examination (Essay Sample)


Please double space, use complete sentences, and try to avoid repeatingmaterial as much as possible. Choose two (2) of the questions from the list below andanswer them in proper essay format. You should have around 5-6 pages for each of thetwo questions; so, the exam should be roughly 10-12 pages in total. Try to use your ownideas about the questions as well as themes and perspectives from the Thorn Responsesand the course readings. You should have citations in your choice of MLA, APA, orChicago Style. Look under the Thorn Responses section for information on citationformat and on how to cite the Thorn Responses. Do not worry too much about spellingand/or grammar since this is a final exam. For both questions, you should have some sortof thesis, at least two or three secondary points (as noted in the questions below), and ashort conclusion. Do try to answer the questions in some detail, and use specificexamples from the course material (again, the Thorn Responses and course readings).You should also try and focus on the entire course as much as possible (ie. try to coverdifferent time periods in your answers). Enjoy the rest of your summer and best of luck inthe future! Have a good one!

1. How did Native-white relations change over time? Was the relationship between FirstNations people and European settlers always bad? Why or why not? Is it correct toportray the relationship between Native people and settlers as being one of “contactand conflict”?2. How did women’s position change during the transition from the pre-industrial to theindustrial period? Were women better off during the pre-industrial period? Dideconomic and industrial change always mean “progress” for Canadian women? Useat least three points from the course material (Thorn Responses and/or coursereadings).3. How did increased immigration change the shape of Canadian history during differentperiods? How were immigrants treated during different eras? Make reference to at least two different time periods in answering this question (ie. 1850-1900, 1900-1945,1950s-1980s).4. How has the definition of “gender” changed over time and for different groups ofCanadians? Do we see sex and gender in a different light in more recent decades?Why or why not? How did feminist and LGBT movements help to change thedefinition of “gender”? Make reference to at least two distinct time periods whenanswering this question (ie. 1880-1920, 1950s-1970s, 1980s-present).5. What role did class and the labour movement played during different periods ofCanadian history? Describe the conditions under which workers made gains inCanadian society. Were these changes always positive for all Canadians? Makereference to at least two distinct time periods.6. Why have the post-World War 2 years, and particularly the years since 1960, seengains for marginalized groups in Canadian society? Make reference to at least threeof the following groups: women, workers, Native people, racial and ethnic minorities,gays and lesbians and other “Queer” identified groups.7. How did the growth of the state/government (especially at the federal level) lead tochanges for Canadians?What has the growth of the government meant for the Canadian economy and Canadiansociety? Were these changes good, bad, or neutral? Make reference to at least threespecific examples from the course material.8. How have definitions of “race” and “racism” changed over time and in Canadianhistory? How did Canadian society’s perception of “race” and “racism” changeduring different time periods? Answer these questions making reference to at leastthree different periods of Canadian history as studied in this course.


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Question 3
A major part of Canadian history has been shaped by the movement of foreign nationals from their native countries to Canada in search of work or settlement. Since 1867 when Confederation was born to date, the number of migrants in Canada is more than 17 million. The immigrants in the country despite stringent immigration policies that the Canadian government has adopted from time to time. Throughout the long history of immigration in Canada, migrants from different regions and countries have not received the same treatment due to political, cultural, religious, and economic influences. By reflecting on the patterns of immigration across two different time periods (1850-1900 and 1900-1945), this paper argues that Canadian immigration was a pillar of the country

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