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Spaniards in the Colonial Mexico and Peru (Essay Sample)

Length: 750 words maximum – Provide word count! Essay should be typed and double-spaced. Cite all quotations and paraphrases. Writing is NOT a series of continuous quotations. Make it clear to the reader that you read the text carefully. Remember to write a thesis statement (central argument) in your introduction, then develop your thesis and provide historical evidence (body of your essay), and end with a closing paragraph. Use Chicago Manual of Style. @@ source..

Spaniards in the Colonial Mexico and Peru
The Inca and Aztecs were the ancient inhabitants of Peru and Mexico respectively. Lured by rumors of wealth of the Aztec and the Inca, a Spanish adventurer known as Hernán Cortés assembled his soldiers and in 1519, he began his journey to Mexico and Peru. Hernán Cortés, and his soldiers arrived in eastern Mexico and they started their march inland. Superior firepower, indignation against the Aztec and Inca by defeated tribes in both Mexico and Peru, and some considerable luck helped Spaniards in their conquest of the two tribes. The Aztec had never seen guns or horses before, which added to their subjugation. In addition, Hernán Cortés had the advantage of the ancient Aztec belief that a white god would come to their land in 1519 from the east, and demolish the indigenous civilizations. Unwilling to oppose the mysterious arrival, the Aztec emperor at that time, Moctezuma II, welcomed the Spanish party. This paper discusses how Spaniards administered existing native organizational structures, labor and tribute in the context of the colonial Mexico and Peru.
Montezuma was later on arrested, and the Spaniards took command over his territory "Tenochtitlan;. The Aztec chieftains planned a revolt, and they managed to force the Spanish out of their capital. Spanish recruited new troops and by 1521, they were ready to conquer the city. They managed to win the battle, which raged for three weeks. After the fall of Tenochtitlan, now the Spaniards embarked on settling and expanding North, and Central America, which they called New Spain. Cortes dispatched various expeditions to conduct surveys in the areas neighboring the valley of Mexico, and he ordered them to establish political control over the land. Most towns submitted to Cortés men and a new capital was established, and named Mexico after the Mexica tribe.
To conquer Aztec an Inca empires, Cortes army had to put a lot of effort and sacrifice and as a result, their success had to be acknowledged. They demanded what they were fighting for: wealth and prestige. Since Cortés men had surveyed all Aztec records connected to tributes and tributary towns, he decided to divide grants of the inhabitants and their land among his men. This practice had ...
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