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The Influence of George Washington’s Farewell Address (Essay Sample)


Essay: You will write an essay that explores the given topic, one of the two listed below. It should be a complete essay, including an introduction, a conclusion, and evidence paragraphs, in the traditional 5 or 6 paragraph format. Because you will have access
to your notes, I will be expecting clear and specific examples from class (The class source I have given below!) to support your ideas.
In what ways has George Washington’s Farewell Address continued to influence American Foreign Policy? In what ways have his suggestions been ignored or disregarded? Do you believe the United States would be better or worse off by sticking closer to Washington’s ideas? In what ways would you change Washington’s advice for modern circumstances?


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In his farewell address, George Washington asked Americans to remain cohesive and ensure that political partisanship does not separate them. One of his major statements centered on the dangers of political partisanship, and he argued that they would fragment the nations. When it comes to foreign policy, Washington cautioned America against entanglements with other countries. He said that the American people should be wary of the attachments they form with other nations. Washington’s farewell address continues to influence American foreign policy since it emphasized the importance of forming a strong and stable central government that can unite the country. He wrote that there should be active checks and balance that would ensure that the government is vigilant and able to collaborate effectively with foreign nations. This paper examines the influence of George Washington’s Farewell Address on American foreign policy.
The Influence of George Washington’s Farewell Address
George Washington addressed pertinent issues in his farewell address to Americans. Washington said that the two main threats that are likely to negatively affect American prosperity include foreign wars and political parties. His address has continued to influence the American foreign policy, particularly when it comes to the kind of activities which the government engages with the foreign nations. Washington warned the Union against geographical discrimination, arguing that the interests of the Northern and Southern states should not compete against each other. This advice has continued to promote a spirit of patriotism among states and form a national unity that can prevail against other nations.
The U.S. government ensures that its commercial relations with other foreign countries have limited political connections so that foreign influence does not affect the running of the government. As one of the leading economic superpowers, the U.S. trades with other nations while at the same time ensuring that the country does not surrender its interests. Washington emphasized the dangers of insidious tricks of foreign entities, arguing that the government must be aware of the foes that may emerge in the future. Over the years, the U.S. has engaged in numerous conflicts with other nations with the main aim of protecting both its domestic and foreign interests. Dealing with terrorist groups within and outside the U.S. borders has posed the greatest challenge to the American foreign policy. Impartiality in dealing with organizations that pose security threats to American interests has played an instrumental role in reducing the dangers posed by local and foreign entities.[George Washington’s Farewell Address.]
Suggestions Ignored/Disregarded
In his farewell speech, Washington made numerous

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