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Latin American History: Options Available. History Essay (Essay Sample)


. Students will write a four- to five-page paper, due April 6, using class readings as well as
such research materials as may be appropriate. Possible topics include the following. (If you
have written an essay on one of these topics in a previous class, please choose a different one.)
a) What key historical point(s) does Rebellion of the Hanged illustrate?
b) What was Bolívar’s vision of Latin American unity, and why did it fail?
c) How was Latin America as a whole affected by the Spanish-American War?
d) How did the Mexican Revolution affect culture and the arts?
e) What exactly is “populism,” and how was it expressed in two Latin American countries?
f) Why did the guerrilla warfare strategy succeed in Cuba but fail in Bolivia?
g) What was Salvador Allende’s strategy in Chile, and why did it fail?
h) Exactly what is “neoliberalism,” how did it arise, and what were some of its results in Latin
Include at least 5-6 credible sources that are peer reviewed
Crucial: any citations must be made using sequentially numbered footnotes or endnotes in
the Chicago style (also known as Turabian notes and bibliography style). Only papers using
this style will be accepted. For guidance, see http://www(dot)chicagomanualofstyle(dot)org/home.html
Make sure you understand how to cite a given work more than once.


Soon after a successful rebellion led by Fidel Castro in Cuba, 1959, an eminent Guerrilla warrior called Ernesto Guevara, also known as “Che” issued an essay with the title ‘Guerrilla Warfare’. After some time, the title was augmented with the words “A Method” and Message to the Tri-continental. This letter provided the procedural steps for a victorious revolution in Latin America. It also issued the analytical and empirical instructions for unorthodox war. However, Ernesto’s efforts to revive the Cuban rebellion in Bolivia culminated in a catastrophe in 1966. Guevara was arrested after a year. To better expand on the reasons why Guevara failed to implement what he learned from Castro’s success with Guerrilla tactics, an understanding of his concepts in this essay is essential.[Aremu, Johnson Olaosebikan, and Stephen Olayiwola Soetan. "Fidel Castro and the Consolidation of the Cuban Revolution, 1959-1963." World Scientific News 87 (2017): 60-76.]
The composition can be juxtaposed with Castro’s analysis that brought success in Cuba. A survey of Guevara’s theory should be examined, and the accuracy therein determined. After that, a comparison between Cuba and Bolivia’s tactics is necessary. Besides, it is crucial to consider the political environment under which Guevara attempted the revolution. Analyzing the historical background gives an insight into how Guevara implemented his doctrine. Guevara’s concept failed to consider the social factors that can lead to a successful rebellion when it copied Cuba’s insurgency. 

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