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What Role Did Different Groups Of Immigrants Play In Canadian History? (Essay Sample)


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Topic: what role did different groups of immigrants (Irish, Italians, Jews, Finns, Afro Canadians, etc.) play in Canadian history?


Different Roles of Immigrants
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Canada is one of the countries that are located in the northern part of the continent of North America. It is the second largest country of North America after Russia. Canada is characterized by good soils for agriculture; manufacturing of goods is also done because of the plenty of water that is surrounding the country. Canada is also engaged in the extraction of minerals that it is endowed with including natural gas. It also has good cities within the country which are well developed for the importation and exportation of goods into and outside the country. The population of the country is characterized by multiculturalism, which has enabled the country to have a diverse culture. The culture of Canada has evolved from people like the Jews, Finns, the Afrocanadians, Italians and Irish. This is the groups that brought about the development of Canada. The following are the contributions that these groups brought to Canada.[Green and Worswick, 2010. Entry earnings of immigrant men in Canada: the roles of labour market entry effects and returns to foreign experience. ]
Contribution of the Irish to the Canadian history
The Irish people are one of the group of people who had contributed in the history and development of Canada. The Irish people are the ones that facilitated the growth of different parts of the economy as they were the ones that provided the country with labor .The provision and supply of labor contributed greatly in the expansion of the economy in early 1800.The Irish people were able to move to Canada because of the routes that were so short and easy to use to arrive at the ports of Canada. Even if the Irish people were met with feminine in Canada in their early days they were good providers and determined workers. Some of the Irish people practiced fishing in the large body waters surrounding Canada. Most of the Irish people therefore were fishermen. This was possible for them for the reason that the areas that they settled were surrounded by the waters.
Social life
The Irish people brought a different religion in Canada and led to the spread of it .The religion that was brought to Canada was Roman Catholicism. The Irish people were the people who brought Catholicism in Canada and practiced it. This brought about the spread of the religion in Canada. Catholicism was one of the earliest religions to be practiced in Canada. There also came the protestants in Canada whose origin was from the Irish people .The protestants were much better established that the Catholics and were able to settle easily. The Irish Protestants started farming in Canada and enabled the agricultural development in various parts of Canada. The Catholics became more conservative with their religions and cultures as compared to the Protestants who adopted the Brazilian cultures. The protestant and Catholics in fact brought about the establishment of two groups in native Canada. Further this led to the growing of English language in the vast Canadian region. It is through the coming of the Irish people in Canada that brought about the development of agriculture in terms of the domestication of crops in Canada , mining , and fishing .it further led to the development of the two religions in Canada professing two types of faiths , the Catholics and protestants. This brought the advancement of religion and social welfare in the history of Canada
The contributions of the Italians in the history of Canada
The Italians were among the groups of people that came and settled in Canada .The Italians brought some contributions to Canada and Canadian people. They played a major role in the establishm...

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