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Define the Order of Life (society) in the Middle Ages (Essay Sample)

Written in Chicago sytle of writing, double space using 12 points, Times New Roman font. Define the Order of Life (society) in the Middle Ages (Discuss the different social classes). source..

Order of Life in the middle Ages
Middle Ages which is also referred as the Dark Ages, is the period between ancient and modern times in European history. The period is well mark since its known to begin with the fall of Rome in the fifth century and later ended with a rebirth. The middle age is also known to be associated with numerous beliefs and practices which are seen to be outdated. This made it possible to have change that brought human achievement in later years.
The most alarming concern is how society was in the middle age as well as the social classes that emerged during this period. This period was much affected since after the fall of Rome, the dark ages began and as a result, Most of Europe was decentralized and life by this time was reduced to the laws of nature (Lawrence, 1984). In this case, the society was divided and it reached a place of the survival for the fittest. The powerful people were in control while the powerless were only looking for survival means.
The medieval period changes the life style in the society and the gap between the rich and the poor was felt. The towns were controlled by the merchants where there were the merchants and the merchant`s middle class. The middle age comprised of skilled and non-skilled people and this was the factor that divided the society as well social classes in the region. The social classes during middle ages comprised of several stages a thing that made it seen a hierarchy from merchants to the peasants.
The groups could be divided into two the upper class and the serfs or peasants. During this time of the Middle Ages, feudalism was known to be the law of the land which meant that the upper class upholds control over the lower classes. The structure of government consisted of kings, the lords as well the peasants. On the other hand, the church leaders were also vital. During this period, the king, the peasants as well the middle classes depended on each other for good survival. By doing this, they ensured that the environment is better for them. In their structure, the kings held the land since they believed it was a divine right which they believe was granted by God (Cantor, 1993).
Since the land was big, there was no way the king could govern the land by themselves and they required a way to control the land. Since the kings needed ways to control their lands, they used to give a portion of land to the barons who in-turn they had to pay homage and fealty to their king. They provide the king with soldiers during war time and therefore the king depended on them while on the other they also depended on the king.
Those who were next to the king also had to divide the land they were given to fiefs a thing that made the upper class people to feel they were more superior to the common peasant. This made the lords to have no mercy to the peasant and they even demanded more from them. The life of the common peasant was tremendo...
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