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Civil War Era Monuments: History (Essay Sample)


The essay must be typed and follow college writing standards, e.g. no fragments, use appropriate grammar, develop an introductory statement and provide a conclusion, etc. No title page necessary. Your font should be either 11 or 12 pt. Your spacing should 1.15 or 1.5 and margins should be reasonable. Do not use texting language. Spell out numbers.
Your sources (minimum of six) should be both footnoted and included in a works cited section at the end of your essay. A footnote should exist at the end of a sentence ONLY when a quote has been included in the sentence, otherwise, the footnote should exist at the end of the paragraph. Any acronyms or data that need to be further clarified may also be included in the footnote. See the screenshots and tips file for more assistance.
Sources should be provided in Chicago Style format. Purdue is a useful online site to assist with formatting citations.


Civil War Era Monuments
Numerous civil war monuments were built in honor of the specific individuals who fought for peace in their corresponding nations. The monuments or statues were also erected so as to act as forms of their remembrance in the world history. However, over a long period of time now, in the United States, there have been numerous debates among scholars, historians and leaders regarding the monuments. These recent discussions in the American society require an extreme account of diligence and understanding, the reason being on their varying significance. Nonetheless, this paper serves to explain the disagreements, identify recent controversies on the issues and solutions to the problems.
Step One
Although the American historians and leaders claim the removal of the monuments is a clear attempt to subvert the US history and the southern, the varying grounds on which the statues were built and erected has brought disagreements among historians. In detail, the debates were caused by the sense that the monuments were erected without a follow up of the chain of command, without following specific steps and regulations and with no conversations on the same. Furthermore, the historians argue that they were built without a close review and adherence to the public decision making process, because not only do they stand for the persons recognized and the history of the land, they also depict an understanding of what history is and why it matters to public culture. In this light, the historians say that the monuments are racist.
One controversial monument is Mount Rushmore. This monument is located Sioux land in South Dakota. The challenge related to the monument is the claim that it was created and designed by a sculptor who had ties with the Ku Klux Klan. The second issue is the argument by historians that it was built on seized land. The scholars elucidate that some of them were built as a dedication to the foot soldiers of the Confederacy stating that major generals identified are Robert E. Lee or Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. This shows that their research on the topic is qualitative and quantitative, depicting the high quality and preciseness of their information.["Robert E. Lee's Descendant On Confederate Statues." Weekend Edition Sunday, August 20, 2017. Opposing Viewpoints in Context (accessed May 11, 2019).
There are solutions that the scholars and historians have suggested, ones that will satisfy both sides of the debate. The first solution is that the leaders say that they should do absolutely nothing about the issues. They support this by stating that in order to preserve the significance of the environment that they are built on, and the heritage and history of the people in question, they should not be removed. The second solution to the problem is to remove the monuments. However, this solution suggests three options of their removal stating that they can be removed and placed in museums 

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