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American Imperialism: Market expansion (Essay Sample)


ou will write a 2-3 page paper that describes the debate over imperialism in the late-1800s. What were the major arguments for and against imperialism? The paper should ultimately answer the question: Based on the arguments of those who supported or opposed imperialism, which side won the debate and why? Look at the policies and actions of the United States during that period and the decades after to decide which side better influenced and impacted US development. You will not need to use sources other than the class materials but you MUST cite your evidence from chapter 19-20 on http://www(dot)americanyawp(dot)com/(This is very important), and chapter 8 of our textbook which I already uploaded as pictures in this order(Also is important), and should focus on making a persuasive case promoting your argument/interpretation. The paper is due on18 July.


American Imperialism
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American imperialism
Imperialism is the act of bringing to control a certain area or state or country. It may not be only by use of force but may take other forms. This is simply because of need for acquisition, by gaining economic and political benefits from the colony. There are two sides which argued about imperialism, one in support and the other against the introduction of imperialism. The group that argued for imperialism had the reasons for such imperialism which are:
Market expansion
The United States had by 1800s in a position to produce goods that were meant for consumption within the country and remained with the surplus which needed to be sold outside the country .This created the need for imperialism. There was a high need for the market to be expanded and room created for investment outside the country. In fact the Americans were producing commodities that they were not in a position to consume them all, so they felt there was a need to expand through the use of the navy, as they were the one that were to assist in protecting the expanding business at all costs. Expanding the market to the outside was to lead the country to prosperity. Albert Beveridge was one of the person who was in strong support of the American imperialism at that time. The United States also needed to adopt the imperialism because it had started facing a period of stagnation in terms of economy and to bring a cure for this it advocated for expansion imperialism. The US like any other country was in support of this imperialism as they believed that it was the one that will assist in getting out of financial crisis immediately. The supports of imperialism argued that the coming of imperialism will create a lot of jobs for the unemployed and reduce the gap that exist between the people of the higher class and people of the lower class.
The need for religion also led to the establishment of imperialism in United States, simply because they needed to spread the word of God. They indeed wanted to spread the gospel to other countries who they thought were not at the time civilized. The people in support of the gospel were so inclined to the aspect of imperialism in that era. The president at that time William McKinley also was in support of the imperialism and his focus on the Philippines. The Americans who were in support of religion felt that they had the obligation and responsibility to dwell in so that they can uplift those they considered uncivilized. Rudyard Kipling also the then apostle was in support of the imperialism and the spread of Christianity to the

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