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'Something in the air' film (Essay Sample)

Instructions: As you will have learned in your reading of A Post-May Adolescence: Letter to Alice Debord, Olivier Assayas describes himself as “Debordian,” as someone influenced by the philosophical writings and political practice of Guy Debord. Your task in this essay is to write about a single film by Assayas (the options are listed below) in relation to a particular idea put forward by Guy Debord. In particular, the first chapter of Guy Debord's The Society of the Spectacle, which consists of a number of numbered theses. You are to select one of Debord's theses in relation to a film by Assayas. That is, you will have to explain what the thesis means and then show how the idea resonates with one of Assayas's films. To say that an idea “resonates” is not to suggest that Assayas will take up Debord's idea in a literal or absolutely faithful way. Rather, what you will find is an idea of Assayas's own that is strongly influenced by an idea of Debord's. Your paper must be 4-5 pages, double-spaced. You must use Chicago style with endnotes. Film options: - Après mai (2012) - Carlos (2010) - Boarding Gate (2007) - Paris, je t'aime (2006) (segment "Quartier des Enfants Rouges") - Clean (2004) - Sentimental Destinies (2000) - Late August, Early September (1998) - HHH: A Portrait of Hou Hsiao-Hsien (1997) - Cold Water (1994) - A New Life (1993) - Paris Awakens (1991) - Winter's Child (1989) - Disorder (1986) - Winston Tong en Studio (1984) source..

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Something in the air is one of the films that are done by Olivier Assayas. Being a student, they had focused their attention so much on matters pertaining politics. The film was acted in the year 1971 few years after the 1968 riots. The thesis ‘The fact that the practical power of modern society has detached from itself and established itself in the spectacle as an independent realm can only be explained by self-cleavage and self-contradicters already present in that powerful practice` by Debord is developed in this film. This means that there are evolutions that are taking place in the modern day life hence life is changing from the older ways to new. The only way to show that there are evolutions is through the human mistakes where human beings are self contradicting through undergoing some life experiences. In the film, Gallies in the bid of trying to get attention and recognition of their part in the world happens to undergo so difficult situations only to realize it later. On the other hand, the authorities have forgotten that they need to change as time is changing and that is what the students are asking for consideration of their role in the political process and this is done through media.
Gilles, a student who has prospective in film making that also was active in matters pertaining politics as well as painter. Together with fellow colleagues are set to make a better society and find their position in the world. The students prove the thesis by developing an independent realm where they reveal and sell their individual opinion to the outside world. By doing them, they express the independent reality of seeking to have their place in the world and they do so through media. The students advocate for the recognition of their rights through pamphlets that they spread with the aim of making sure that the individuals know what they feel about the political status. The powerful practice of using the art skills to sell the ideas to the outside persons is what is used in the political activism.[Hanasiu, P. L. (2004). Childhood sexuality: discerning healthy from abnormal sexual behaviors. Journal of mental health counseling, 1-7: 102-103] [The BBC Film Reviews. (2012). Retrieved on March 17 2013 from]
Childhood life is one of the special times that one spends in life. This period of life is accompanied by variety of explorations that are done all in bid to learn new things. This is a discovery stage where one becomes own teacher and therefore is required to comprehend about variety of ways of life. Sexual development occurs as the child grows and gradually happens with age. The actors are mere students and they manipulate. This issue has led to increase in the immorality that is instilled in the kids by the messages. The parties concerned the world through use of their own innovations like the painting. Wit...
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