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The Seventh Continent and Benny's Video (Essay Sample)

Your task in this essay is to compare the two films directed by Michael Haneke: "Benny's Video" and "The Seventh Continent". You need to picks up a theme or a concept from "Benny's Video" and develops that theme or concept further by linking to "The Seventh Continent". You should take seriously the idea that Haneke has made the film that you are looking at precisely in order to explore a similar issue from a slightly different perspective. To do this well, you will need to engage in close visual analysis of each film. You must also cite two outside scholarly sources that speak directly and in important ways to the idea that you are developing. The source must be refereed—either published in a book published by an academic press, such as On Michael Haneke, or else in a scholarly journal. The paper must be 4-5 pages, double-spaced. You must use Chicago Style with endnotes. source..

Movie Analysis: The Seventh Continent and Benny`s Video
Movie Analysis
The seventh Continent and Benny`s video are both from the Glaciation Trilogy directed by Haneke. The films revolve around "emotional glaciation" affecting the families and eventually lead to their demise. Haneke chooses an extraordinary way to direct both the films whereby the main the main idea of the film is confiscated behind the normal family routines depicted in the films. The characters Haneke Brings out in both ‘The seventh Continent` and ‘Benny`s video` are not easily understood. At first though, they are just about ordinary people living. For instance Benny is a boy with nothing out of the norm about him. However, through these characters Haneke strives to bring into focus themes and ideologies about life and even about Australia. This includes sweeping sensitive matters under the carpet by Austrians, emotional disconnection, violence and super-modernity with the case of seventh continent.
The seventh continent is Haneke`s first works to feature in the theatre. It is based on a true story and portrays disunity and disintegration in families. According to Haneke this film illustrates the continuous emotional glaciation in Austria. . Set in unknown Austrian town, the story is about a family of three that commits suicide in an attempt to evade the daily drudgery that has been monotonous in their lives. Just like other films forming part of the trilogy, the film investigates modern life emotional glaciation. The auteur demonstrates themes of self alienation and dehumanization through the lives of this family. An acute sense of claustrophobia is created just as the film starts with the car wash scene which forms the temper for the entire movie. The modern society is placed at a state of disillusion painted by the film whereby the whole day of this family can be summarized using a couple of hand motions; This starts with a toothbrush in the morning and ends at the dinner table with a knife (Grundmann 2010, 30). The seventh continent addresses themes which include breakdown in the society and violence. These theme are connected to other movies in the trilogy for instance Benny`s video.
Benny`s video is part of the glacial trilogy by Haneke. ...
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