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Electrical Engineer And ICT Manager Job Analysis (Essay Sample)


Write about why Starbucks can succeed in the world, and then analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the operating model, the impact of the discovery of carcinogenic substances on Starbucks; then write the employees' working treatment from a microscopic perspective, and the customers' feelings and attitude towards Starbucks. The other content is a bit better written in Yujiba.
The Open Source Revolution
Midterm Thesis Paper Prompt
Now that you have considered the change in the American economy from industrial approaches and values to the less stable vagaries of our post-industrial age, it's time to take the ideas you have learned and apply them to the real world – and, more importantly, the real workers who occupy it. Using your knowledge of our readings and our class discussions thus far, provide a 5-6 page analysis of two in-person interviews. Choose people with jobs that interest you personally and professionally. Provide transcripts of the interviews in your appendix. Divide your paper into the following sections: (1) describe each job in terms of its occupation and industry, (2) the work structures that have shaped this job historically (meaning: provide the general history of the job beyond this individual), and (3) how their job and labor has changed in the digital economy. You will be graded on clarity of writing (20%), an organization of your points (20%), and analysis (60%). Provide an introduction and conclusion to your paper showing that you have evaluated a thesis and works cited page that cites our course readings where applicable. (No “outside” citations are necessary.) The paper will be due at the beginning of class on March 21st, 2018.
• If you wish to do a different kind of project or hybrid that communicates the above ideas, please send me a proposal by March 9th, 2018. Do not start your project until you get approval.
• If you are unsure how to proceed with an interview, feel free to ask me for pointers via e-mail or before/after class. That said, some pro tips: Keep things conversational, let your curiosity guide you, and remember that are pursuing an “angle” – in this case, the three sections described above. People like to talk about themselves and, even more, people tend to respond reflexively to direct questions. Go in with the humility of someone who just wants to learn about another human being and the confidence of someone who has some worthwhile things to discuss.
• Make sure you have a thesis – that is, an argument, preferably stated at the end of the first paragraph. This essay should synthesize things you have learned from both of your subjects and present a larger perspective on how the digital economy has affected work in general as well as each subject's job specifically.


Electrical Engineer And ICT Manager Job Analysis


America has gained popularity as an industrial giant since the end of the Civil War through the expansion of several industries and the construction of new ones. The growth of these industries led to a transformation in America’s society by giving rise to a new group of ambitious middle class and rich industrialists. A large number of immigrant made up the labor force that made industrialization successful. The changes in technology over the years has dramatically impacted the working conditions in most industries as the need to adopt these advancements has forced workers to change the way they live and work. However, although the process of utilizing technology in sectors was hectic, especially for the workers, the changes have significantly improved working conditions and continue to grow until today. Industries such as engineering and ICT greatly depend on technology to conduct their work effectively and efficiently. The use of modern equipment in testing, monitoring, and troubleshooting in the engineering sector has eased up the task of electrical engineers. Modern gadgets have also been of great use in ICT due to their fast and reliable means of storing, retrieving, analyzing and transferring information. Based on its reliability and usefulness in electrical engineering and ICT, technology has proven to be an essential advancement in the industrial age. However, the constant improvements in the digital economy have forced engineers and ICT professionals to be continually up to date with the latest technology to remain productive in the industry. 

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on electrical technology. Electrical engineers deal with huge power stations, systems, and devices, as well as a variety of components including tiny microchips. The work of electrical engineers is to supervise, test develop and design electrical equipment such as navigation systems, power generation equipment, radar, and electric motors. Through the use of components such as switches, transistors, capacitors, magnets, coils, and conductors, engineers can design complex electrical systems and devices. These essential components are found in nearly all electronic devices.

as an industrial giant since the end of the Civil War through the expansion of several industries and the construction of new ones. The growth of these industries led to a transformation in America

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