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AB InBev's Social Responsibility Analysis (Essay Sample)


Social Responsibility - Industry & Company Analysis on beer industry
1. Industry analysis
Challenges ex. water, bottle recycle...
Focus on social responsibility/social impact


AB InBev's Social Responsibility Analysis
AB InBev's Social Responsibility Analysis
Corporate social responsibility is one of the most significant elements of organizations around the world. The increasing awareness of social obligations owed to the environment and community around which companies operate; the corporate entities make huge investments towards the vital element. The beer industry in particular faces an uphill task in appealing to all the major stakeholders through CSR initiatives owing to the negative impacts of its products to the society. A prejudiced external environment characterized by anti-consumption campaigns and regulatory policies adversely affect the industry as it is even with intensified corporate social responsibility. The health risks associated with the intake of beer and other alcoholic beverages have forced the industry players to launch responsible drinking campaigns to comply with government policies and regulations to reduce consumption and abuse of alcohol. The social problems associated with the partakers of alcohol also influence the scorn directed to the beer companies from members of the society. To curb the negative impacts of such reactions to their competitiveness and survival in the market, leading corporates such as Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), launched the “Better world” CSR campaign. The AB InBev's comprehensive social responsibility campaign focuses on a thriving community and a healthy natural environment through an equally thorough strategy in achieving the goals.[Roderick Leonie. (2016). Why Heineken and AB InBev are promoting more responsible drinking. Retrieved April 10, 2018 from [Anheuser-Busch. (2016). Alcohol Responsibility: Great Taste Should be Savored Responsibly.
One of the challenges faced by the organization was the governments' implementation of the 2011 ‘Responsibility Deal.' The deal required that organizations within the food and beverage industry make and actualize commitments in the effort to reduce health risks associated with consumption of alcohol. Among the health risks highlighted by many governments include obesity and alcohol abuse. Consequently, AB InBev lowered the alcoholic content in its brands and rolled out a responsible drinking program. The initiative dubbed, Smart Drinking, aims to considerably reduce the irresponsible consumption of alcohol through a private AB InBev foundation. The firm, through its foundation, also ensures that the marketing strategies used in advertising its brands share some responsibility towards personal safety through the designated driver campaigns.[Roderick

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